so uh Tynan... whatever happened to "The Player League"?

Started by SYDWAD, September 01, 2018, 02:33:34 AM

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Tynan, someone on the reddit posted a 2008 comment you made on a site and you mentioned a game you were making called "The Player League", you left a download link to your website but it doesn't exist anymore. How do you feel about elaborating what it was about and what happened to it?


marty please hurry, we must return back to future!

you really digging 10 year old posts?


Quoteyou really digging 10 year old posts?

Some dude on reddit did, i just saw that Tynan was talking about "a game he was making called The Player League" but the link he left doesn't work anymore and i cant find any info about it anywhere.


marty Please move quickly; we need to get back to the future!