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Started by todofwar, November 17, 2013, 09:01:08 PM

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Ok, I know there are like three combat threads up right now but this is more a specific suggestion related to combat controls. Currently, you get to recruit a player and tell him to go somewhere, and you can only order them to fire if the enemy is in their sights. I was thinking a few more control options would expand the strategies and not sacrifice the feel of having a few precious colonists to control.

1) Stance options. After ordering a colonist to take a position they can have one of three stances. Agressive: they will happily leave their post to pursue and enemy within a certain range, seeking cover and working with other colonists on agressive mode for flanking and things of that nature. They don't remember their original post, they just continue to go after new threats as they come in range. Defensive: will move around within a certain radius, but always return to the original post and don't pursue enemies. Agressive colonists should take their positions in mind when pursuing targets. Stand your ground: They don't move, ever. Basically how the current controls work. Side note: In all cases I think they should run from grenades and molotov coctails.

2) Pursue commands: You can order a colonist to fire at a raider not in their line of site and they will move into position to do so. Your colonist's stance does not change, once the raider is killed they will choose whatever their last cover was as their place to defend.

3) Medic commands: Ability to have a colonist toggled as medic, they will automatically prioritize rescuing colonists at all costs.

4)Bodyguard command: You can have a soldier defend another colonist, they would behave exactly as though they had a defensive stance but their defended area would be wherever the other colonist is. Have an option to make them superloyal and they will use their bodies to absorb bullets if necessary.   


I actually can't believe I forgot to mention these. Field medics and stance might turn very useful indeed!


Really I would just like to be able to tell a colonist to fire at a raider, and they be smart enough to get into position to fire at them and seek out cover if they find their current position not tenable. Unless you specifically tell them to stay in one place.