"Minor" Failure during Operation - Rework operation ?

Started by Cryorus, April 08, 2015, 06:36:31 AM

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Since I dont know whre to post this ( Funny moment, bug , suggestion) here it goes :

I think the operation system needs a little bit tweaking.

My doctor (med lv 11) tried to give my hunter a new arm (after it was bitten off by a ! MAD TURTLE ! ) and had a ""minor failure"". My hunter died.
This ""minor failure"" was to accidently remove HER HEAD.
I know its just one body part that was affected but I dont think that counts as "minor".
Maybe look after what failed during operation and THEN post the message of operation success/failure.



She been going all "Talk to the hand" too much, right?! riiight?!


Quote from: SSS on March 30, 2015, 10:52:49 PM
M - "Oh no! I meant to cut off your arm but I amputated your head! DDD:"
H - "Dr. Martin, I have the pla- HOLY CRAP. DDD:"

Good times.

Someone should do a Rimworld comic.

I'm surprised that someone hasn't made a mod that lets you harvest heads and impale sticks through them. If fear was still around it'd probably be popular.


I once captured a pirate who only had one arm, one leg, one eye and basically half a kidney (those turrets are pretty gruesome sometimes) I felt bad, so I thought I'd set him up with a peg leg and let him go...

The "doctor" "accidentally" cut off his other arm AND his other eye...


My doctor was performing a kidney transplant, and scooped out the persons brain! I figure they stuck the kidney in there, because I couldn't find it anymore.
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And I thought surgeons in Space Station 13 were awful at their jobs for not using anesthetic and being just as happy to use a regular table as a proper operating table...
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I told a doctor to give that tribal who's leg got shot off a peg leg. He told me he had a minor failure. I checked. He cut out the poor gal's heart.
Then I told him to give my colonist who lost a lung to a bullet a new lung. He told me he made a catastrophic failure. I checked. The stabbed the guy's arm and toe. Both where minor wounds.

I think I'll quote what I read from the rimworld reddit:
'I don't need a neurotrainer. I'll settle for a good human anatomy book'


There is a head on a spike mod with art by Shinzy. Wouldnt be difficult to make heads an itrm and be part of the recipe to make the head on a spike. I love that sentences like that come out of my mouth....this game...
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Pink Photon

(Using Latta's FixBone mod, you can replace missing/shattered bones with synthetic bones.)

My surgeon:
1a) Attached a prosthetic leg, but also
1b) Removed the humerus from the patient's right arm. When they

2a) Installed an artificial humerus in the right arm, they also
2b) Removed the humerus from the left arm.

3a) Replacing the humerus in the left arm of course involved
3b) Removing the left clavicle. Having finally gotten the hang of this surgery thing

4) They replaced the missing clavicle without further incident


The SURGEONs in this alpha came straight out of a SIMULATOR...
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