My preview video for RimWorld – now with viewable combat!

Started by GC13, October 04, 2013, 07:24:35 PM

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The video just finished processing.

I really like the game: it has tons of potential, and I love the idea to have different storytellers. So long as we get, like, a million more things to build I think I'm gonna be a happy player. ;D

Since I did take the combat at maximum speed in my first video, this second video is just for people wanting to see some action. I kept it at the slower speed, and while I don't do too much tactically, I definitely do get concerned about keeping cover and firing angles.

Without further ado: Combat in RimWorld



excellent video, you did a great job introducing the game highlights


Very good commentary,  my only small recommendation is please don't have the game running on full speed all the time.  A couple of videos I have watched now from various people just leave it on flat out all the time.  During down time such as colonists sleeping or doing less eventful chores like mining out new rooms it seems fine, but during combat or when you are explaining something it gets quite messy.   The combat especially, it was over in the blink of an eye, we didn't get to see any of the cover tactics in detail etc.

Please don't take these as complaints as I and i'm sure many others really appreciate the time and effort you youtubers put into your video's and help spread the word of great Indi games and devs.

Thanks for the video and keep up the fantastic work.



Alright, I've edited the main post: now I have a combat video for RimWorld up. It's just me playing through one dark season, taking out two raids at minimum speed during the video.


Nice footage, it is nice to see the differing aspects of the game.
Quote from: Rainy on October 04, 2013, 10:01:57 PM:-X only small recommendation is please don't have the game running on full speed all the time.... 
, outside of that thumbs up mate!  ;D


GC13 - love the Let's Play for PA, and now for RimWorld as well, thanks! Really helped explain a lot, and I Kickstartered RimWorld immediately after watching your video - now awaiting for November to get to play with the pre-alpha version as well.
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Thanks for the combat video video gc13,  really great stuff.  I've also started watching your Prison Architect videos from Alpha 14.  I've hit the subscribe button :D