[MODPACK] (Alpha 9) Balanced fun v9.1.0 (final)

Started by Ray_Anor, April 14, 2015, 12:29:35 PM

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The Balanced fun pack is a mod pack with many mods. I'm try it do not too disbalanced, but at the same time, leave it in the spirit of the original RimWorld, expanded it in some details of beautyfullness.

Final release for Alpha 9e. Now will concentrate my work on this modpack for Alpha 10.

Balanced fun v9.1.0 Download:

Mod pack , ModsConfig.xml

old versions:

v 0.7:
Mod pack , ModsConfig.xml
v 0.6:
Mod pack , ModsConfig.xml
v 0.5:
Mod pack , ModsConfig.xml
v 0.4:
Mod pack , ModsConfig.xml
v 0.3:
Mod pack , ModsConfig.xml
v 0.2:
Mod pack , ModsConfig.xml
v 0.1
Mod pack , ModsConfig.xml

How to install:
1. Download Balanced fun Pack.
2. Go to your Rimworld's directory.
3. Open your mods folder then delete all existing mods. ALL! And Core mod TOO! It's included in modpack.
4. Extract all contents from the zip file into your Rimworld mods folder.
5. Download ModsConfig.xml
6. Now open Rimworld, click "options", click "open save data folder". Open the "config" folder and delete the ModsConfig.xml file.
5. Now copy the new ModsConfig.xml to config folder. You can now close this folder.
7. Now go back to your Rimworld application and close it.
8. Restart Rimworld and create a new world and colony.
9. Test, comment, suggest, request. It's playable now, but still alpha.
10. For update - look change log! All info is here! For new games - no need to doing update operations.

P.S. In applications, you can see pictures and a mod. You can use them on your own.

[attachment deleted due to age]



v9.1.0 (final)
Making and adding Mod Medical Drinks Caveworld Flora Ext. 0.9
Removing Extended Surgery and Bionics 1.7 & Heal Scars
Adding Expanded Prosthetics and Organ Engineering 1.2
Making HD Textures for Items of Expanded Prosthetics and Organ Engineering 1.2
Removing Roof Support Guide Tool
Update Romance mod to v 0.7 - Don't know why, but Romance mod was too outdated...
Adding sounds from Romance mod to v 0.6

Alpha 9e v 0.7 (16 april 2015)
!!!Global texture instalation. FROM THIS VERSION CORE MOD INCLUDED IN ARCHIVE!!!
making own texture for silver like HD silver coins with RimWorld stars
Removed Fire Extinguisher, cause Clutter Mod have sponge guns.
If you have some fire extinguishers - just sell them before update to any trader that buy them.
Removed Seasonal Wardrobe - it's really buggy. Deconstruct all wardrobes before update.
Removed Xylene AntiRage - conflicted with Industrialization Mod.
Removed Individual Appearance. I'm was installed this wrong, after install it right - I'm take decision use JRPG Style Wide Textures
Added [T] ConditionRed v1.6.0, [T] MiscStuff v1.6.0, [T] MoreFloors v1.6.0 - don't know why i'm not included this before...
Yes, you will see some debug messages after update, it's normal - just save your game to new file.

Alpha 9e v 0.6 (14 april 2015)
Removed ED DeepStrike v0.16.1 - imbalanced, deconstruct orbital command building before update for save-friendly.
Added ED Plants24H v0.16.1 - (some xml is changed but not for all plants - will be fixed later).
Added ED Stargate v0.16.1 - use it if you want travel between SAVES!!! YES!!!
Some changes in mod order, need testing.
Yes, you will see some debug messages after update, it's normal - just save your game to new file.

Alpha 9e v 0.5 (9 april 2015)
Auto-hunt Beacon updated to v2.0 (2015-04-03) - added Harvesting, Chopping wood, Stuff; removed Other stuff.
Old beacons must be deconstructed and constructed again to work properly.
Added Comon v 1.0 - it's needed for Auto-hunt Beacon v2.0
Removed Darkness (SBO) - don't work as needed.

Alpha 9e v 0.4 (6 april 2015)
Removed RedistHeat 22b. Save-friendly if you not used it in v 0.3 (in other case - deconstruct all from this mod,
exlude vents&doors before update).
Removed Ceiling Lights v.1.1. Save-friendly, just deconstruct all ceiling lights before update.
After update, just in case - save to new file loaded v 0.3 save.

Alpha 9e v 0.3 (2 april 2015)
Hospitality updated to v1.02 (fixes)
More Mechanoids updated to 1.03f (fixes and mechanoids can now be repaired)
EdB Prepare Carefully updated to v1.7.3 (fixes and added back in the button to clear skills)
Added Temperature Control v2.2 it have more features for temperature changing, but not have too complicated
vents and ducts. Be careful - not compatible with RedistHeat 22b - use RedistHeat 22c
(how change 22b to 22c look at instructions for Alpha 9e v 0.2)
Attention! Prepared to full remove RedistHeat 22b! It's will removed in next release of pack!
modpack full save-friendly to Alpha 9e v 0.2, but may have incompatibles with Alpha 9e v 0.1
Just in case - save to new file loaded v 0.2 save.

Alpha 9e v 0.2 (1 april 2015)
RedistHeat updated from 22 to 22b & 22c, included both, but in use 22c, 22b still in archive for beign save friendly
Minor changes in order of mod loading (don't know why, but
Version is save-friendly for v 0.1.
If you use only vents and door with vents from RedistHeat v 22 - just skip errors, save in new game and load new save.
If used AirNet system and industrial heaters/coolers - simply deconstruct them all before update
(or actvate RedistHeat 22b and place with Mod Order at place after RedistHeat 22c and deactivate 22c,
in some cases you will need sort Backstory mod up/down by one position, before custom Backstory will work properly.

Alpha 9e v 0.1 (31 march 2015)
project is public


Mods, description, links, and credits (Part I):

EdB Mod Order v1.3.1 by EdB - this mod can change priority of loadnig mods. Without this mod we would not see any serious modpack.
More Hair & Optional Animu Hair by Shinzy - more variations of hair, and anime hair styles. Taked both of them. It's cool.
EdB Prepare Carefully v1.7.3 by EdB - you can prepare your colonists carefully. One of the best mod.
EdB Interface UI Mod v2.6.5 by EdB - add many functionality to game interface and without changing any balance. Perfect.
Advanced Lamps V6.0 by Igabod - perfect mod with fancy lamp, good balanced
Caveworld flora V9.0 by Rikiki - adds three type of cave mushrooms grown on natural floors. Small and perfect atmospheric addition.
Clutter 26.6 by mrofa - many beauty things for cool loock colony... it's lightly imbalanced... but it's beautiful
ED Core v0.16.1 by Jaxxa - core mod of Enhanced Defence mods group.
ED Embrasures v0.16.1 by Jaxxa - embrasures, that all, that good.
ED LaserDrill v0.16.1 by Jaxxa - are you need more vents? Or some vent unliked by? Use laser drill! Balanced and good.
ED OmniGel v0.16.1 by Jaxxa - good and balanced way to make (grow!) renewable source of Metal and Stone. Nice.
ED Shields v0.16.1 by Jaxxa - maybe light imbalance... but good power shields for enhanced defence.
ED Stargate v0.16.1 by Jaxxa - do you want travel by your colonist to another SAVE???? YES!!! IT POSSIBLE!
Non-Lethals by skullywag - non-lethal weapons, allowing stun enemyes, added primarily due to Tasers (maybe i'm edit xmls for this later).
ShapedCharge by skullywag - added explosive device that removes mountain roofs - more freedom!
More Storage by skullywag - adds a new types of storages - fancy
Hospitality v1.02 by Orion - Nice and good balanced option to recruit visitor, and good extension of diplomacy
Outfitter v1.0 by Wastelander - colonists swap out frayed or damaged clothing - nice
Mending v1.0 by Wastelander - allows colonists to repair damaged items, light imbalance, but i'm like it.
SkillLock v1.0 by Wastelander -  allow you to restrict who can use the building based on how skilled they are, it so perfect, that is taked to oficial alpha 10.
Modular Tables v1.43 by ItchyFlea - any form of tables and chairs! Want a barstand with form of your name? Do it.
Animal Hide Working (v2.04) by ItchyFlea - perfect mod with rugs and taxidermy, all production may be installed as art sculptures in your base - need some fixes for Biodivercity?
Target Practise v.2.01 by ItchyFlea - allow you to train up a colonists shooting or melee skill - it's good.
Stonecutting Tweak v1.01 by ItchyFlea - adds separate bills for the different stone types to the stonecutting table to allow use of the "Do until you have X" crafting option.
Medical Training v1.01 by ItchyFlea - lets you train your doctors by having them practise on corpses, also you don't need really graveyard for all those enemy strangers...
Apothecarius NEIN - A9Update by JuliaEllie - balanced production chain for medicine. Very good.
Hobo Stove - A9Update by JuliaEllie - in the grim cold darkness of the future people found that a wood powered heater and cook place would be something good to have. The rest is history.
The Inspection - A9Update by JuliaEllie - floor spikes which hurt everybody walking over them as long as the spike traps have power, turn them off if you dont want your colonists hurt!
Quorn by Kyos - enabling colonists to cultivate mycoprotein based crops (work as meat) - balanced.
Common (CY) v1.0 by Carry - prerequisites for Auto-hunt Beacon v2.0
Auto-hunt Beacon v2.0 by Carry - add beacon can designate animals for hunting, trees for chopping, plants for gathering! Perfect, routine is automated!
Industrialisation v0.97 by eatKenny - global mod, adds some heavy industries to the game... niiiice
M&Co.: Common V9.0 by Rikiki - library for M&Co. products.
M&Co. Mining helmet V9.1 by Rikiki - add a mining helmet which light is turned on when a colonist is in a tunnel or in the dark - nice.
M&Co.: AlertSpeaker V9.0 by Rikiki - add alert speaker device, use it when you need wake up colonists!
M&Co.: MMS V9.0 by Rikiki - Mining & Co. is proud to present you the Mobile mineral sonar Mark III, one of the jewel of our mining systems collection. Thanks to our revolutionary MiSoTechTM, jointly designed and tested by our highly experienced teams of engineers and deep-space miners, the Mobile mineral sonar Mark III is an essential asset for every miner.
Thingamajigs by Shinzy - adds assortment of tools at your disposal, looks balanced
Medical Drinks 0.9 by Ykara - adds the ability to brew medical drinks at the brewery, they don't replace medicine, they support it.
Medical Drinks Caveworld Flora Ext. 0.9 by Ray_Anor - like Medical Drinks, but musroom booze. My first mod for this modpack.


Mods, description, links, and credits (Part II):

LT Brighten by Latta - colonists don't like when dark and like when light.
LT Soiling Hard 10c by Latta - make your own soil when you need it - I'm use hard version for balance
LT RedistHeat 22c - Vent & doors only by Latta - vents! It's simply, but impossible perfect function to your temperature flow. More balanced, than v 22b with AirNet system.
Temperature Control v2.2 by Igabod - adding good balanced stuff to more options for control temperature.
Prison Improvements v1.1 by Wastelander - adds a few nice features specific to prisoners
Glassworks VIII by ITOS - adds glass and windows
Xtra Plants v5.3 by Igabod - adds several new plants to the game
Extended Woodworking v1.13 by ItchyFlea - lextends trees so that they drop different types of wood based on the tree they are. This mod also allows you to paint wood into 6 different colours (Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, White, Black) which you can use to build various things. It's really good.
Extended Woodworking v1.13 & Xtra Plants v5.2 Compatibility Patch by ItchyFlea - patch for trees from Xtra Plants
More Mechanoids v1.03 by Orion - very balanced adding of three types crawlers with ability to make own crawlers for simply tasks
Kompression Mod v1.0 RC1 by mrofa - adding ways to store your resources
Misc. VanillaEnhanced by Haplo - added because have traders... i'm will think how to disable unneeded things later
Expanded Prosthetics and Organ Engineering 1.2 by Ykara - detailed prosthetics and organ engineering, balanced and deep.
Romance Mod v0.7 by Lord Fappington - adds romance for pawns... he he... with sounds
Pawn State Icons v03d by Sadler - shows small health-tracking icons near all of your colonists and prisoners
Door Control v1.2 by Temeez - add control options for vanilla doors
Door Control Glassworks by Temeez - add control options for glass doors
Hauling Priority Designator by Gaesatae - adds a new designator in the Orders Tab - you can use this designator to make the colonist try to haul the designated things first, ignoring items not designated, adds a designator to unforbid groups of items too
PowerSwitch 1.9.0 by Haplo - expands the available power switch with a few automatic functions
Roof Support v0.8.3 by Nommy - adds a support column structure to hold up the roof... some xml changed and it works on Alpha 9
Battle Stations - A9Update by JuliaEllie - RTS Ctrl+Key Squads control (see more description on mod page).
VeinMiner - A9Update by JuliaEllie - allows mine vanilla ore veins in one click (need some work to add this option to another materials).
More Designations by 1000101 - Patch Priority Haul & Vein Miner Orders Menu
Backstories! u1.2 by mipen - you can write own backstories of child and adult times. Now it have two additional backstories by me. All work fine, and it's good mod, but still not have in-game editor. Look mod link to know how make own backstories. Work very fine with EdB Prepare Carefully. You may post own backstoryes in this topic as part of xml-code. If them will balanced - them will be included in mod pack. ;-)
Hydroponic Corn v.1 by moglus - adds Corn and Agave to the hydroponic tables - need some patch (corn already patched by me)
LT GARDENing by Latta - mod that adds flowers and a square plant pot
[T] ConditionRed v1.6.0 by Telkir - add alert lamps that glow in various colours depending on colony threat, detected by threat sensor, don't really needed, but aesthetic.
[T] MiscStuff v1.6.0 by Telkir -  add new wall type, the scrap metal wall. Cheap and fast to build but weak.
[T] MoreFloors v1.6.0 by Telkir -  you can never have too many styles of flooring!
[T] MoreBedsCloth v1.6.0 by Telkir -  new bed types by colour (some troubles with changing color when changing prisoner/colonist/medical - i'm will try maybe later fix that), all beds need cloth to construct.
[T] ExpandedCloth v1.6.0 by Telkir -  cotton plants yield raw cotton fibre, no more magical cloth directly from plants!
ED Plants24H v0.16.1 by Jaxxa - correct plant growing, they will grow 24 Hours a day if they have sufficient lighting. Affects only vanilla plants (need to edit XML to add more, will be fixed later).
SteelRockSlag and UI Graphics by jabbamonkey - changes the texture of the Steel, Rock Chunks, and Slag Chunks in the game, and adds more variety

Used HD Textures Packs from Jabbamonkey's Graphic Overhaul v1.2.0 by jabbamonkey
Used Wide version of JRPGeyes by Garlandgreeneyes

And my own texture for silver, basic prosthesis and vancidium (attached)


Fast Floors V1.2 by Igabod - already updated to Alpha 10, will be implemented in Balanced Fun for Alpha 10
Craftable Guns 1.1 by Ykara - adds the ability to craft guns at the smithing table. Need think about it. Put away to v10 modpack.
Cryptohax Cryo Charges - A9Update by JuliaEllie - adds the Cryptohax Cryo Charges which allow us to hack the Crypto Caskets. Imbalanced (?). But i'm will think. Put away to v10 modpack.
Nu Metals - A9Update by JuliaEllie - no more ready to work metalls - ore must be processed before. Good mod, but i need to think about compatibility. Put away to v10 modpack.
Rainbow Road - A9Update by JuliaEllie - adds colored floor lights which light up on pressure. i must think about it.
Right Tool For The Job v1.12 by ItchyFlea - add tools to speed up specific areas of a colonists work speed. Nice mod, but we have more interesting Thingamajigs
[T] ExpandedCrops v1.6.0 by Telkir - expands and refines the fruit and vegetables your colonists can grow. I'm need to think about it.
[T] CoreCropTweaks v1.6.0 by Telkir -   edible vanilla crops have unique colonist thoughts when eaten raw. I'm need to think about it.
RT Fusebox v1.0.1 by Ratys - adds a fuse to prevent lose your stored energy. Look balanced.
RT Neuromancy v1.0.0 by Ratys - adds a psychotherapy. It's cool, look balanced.
Bulk Meals v2.1 by Igabod - balanced way to cook more meals with longer time.
Biodiversity v3.0 A9 by Igabod - Adds a variety of new animals to each map type. More diversity. But i'm think it's will not work with old saves & will not work with Animal Hide Working (v2.04).
The Finer Things - Coffee and Cigarettes by DeaconBlues - not be included, because c & d paragraph of restriction rules. And mod has conflict with More Mechanoids v1.03.
Ceiling Lights v.1.1 by jacob814 - adds ceiling lights, it's good option, but Advanced Lamps is more logical and better.
RedistHeat 22b by Latta - Vents & ducts with AirNet system and industrial heaters/coolers. RedistHeat 22c - Vent & doors only + Temperature Control is better together.
Darknes by Viceroy - it's do some atmosperic change, but it's don't work with light calculations, only changes all light control over the night. Second reason why it's removed - it's disables eclipses.
ED-DeepStrike v0.16.1 by Jaxxa - incorrectly included by me mod, allowing some sort of teleport (orbital drop) - imalanced IMHO.
Fire Extinguisher by skullywag - nice fire extinguisher, but Clutter have sponge gun.
RTG's v1.11 by ItchyFlea - add generator, uses uranium. Industrialization have another one.
Log Walls v1.21 by ItchyFlea - brings back the old log walls from Alpha 4... we have better textures.
Floors, Get Stuffed! v1.0 by ItchyFlea - try to do things better, but result is badder. IMHO.
GG! - A9Update by JuliaEllie - you really need it? install yourself.
Canned Food - A9Update by JuliaEllie - good option to make canned food, but Kompression Mod realised this function wider.
Seasonal Wardrobe 1.0-9 by Friedmutant - good try to organise seasonal apparel of your colonists, but really buggy.
Individual Appearance by Eleazar - more individual appearance for colonists head. JRPG Style Wide Textures are better. IMHO.
Fix Solar and Geothermal v1.3 by XyleneGaming - you can stand on Solar and Geothermal and they're both lowered to waist cover more individual appearance for colonists head. Removed. Conflicted with Industrialization
Extended Surgery and Bionics 1.7 by Minus - many nice things, but mod  Expanded Prosthetics and Organ Engineering 1.2 do it better
Heal Scars by UMK - all this implemented in mod  Expanded Prosthetics and Organ Engineering 1.2
Roof Support Guides v1.1 by Rock5 - all this implemented in mod  Roof Support


No Description Now
Mod Is Absolute For This Pack
Something In Mod Make Very Light Inbalance
Something In Mod Conflict With Other Mod (Must Select One)
Not Included Because Conflicted. Still in archive. You may select this manually, if you want.
Mod before this - must be excluded for work this.

Wanted mod, but have very incomplete. Not in archive
Some things in mod not working properly, but mod in pack. See description for more info.
This mod will never be in this pack. See description why. That for info only.
Mod is good, but will be removed in next relase, because this mod has a better replacement by another mod. See description.
Mod will be added soon in next releases.

By the way - i'm don't want include mods:
a) with many-many-many weapons (they overstuffed and some times imbalanced with other mods combination)
b) with any turrets (they all imbalanced)
c) with many-many-many dishes or items without really reason (they overstuffed, not adding really good things, but complicates the perception)
d) any mod with propaganda of any narcotics (of any types, and i'm don't like that a beer included in official game)

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