[A12d] Tools for haul. Animal will help us! V1.5d 22-10-2015

Started by BBream, April 17, 2015, 06:32:23 AM

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Same experience as TREH. Everything worked beautifully until reloading the game. Then dreaded magenta squares. Also noticed the pawns "standing" - didn't relate it to this mod at the time.
123Nick: Many thanks for getting this to run under A14 by the way. It really does take a lot of the pain out of hauling. If I knew how to actually mod (not just editing .xml) I would turn "cart" into "four-wheeler with flatbed" that pawns could ride on when hauling from the far side of the map. Even huge maps would be no problem.


there's a problem with the cart trying to haul style that there's no path to, like an animal pulser which is probably encased inside a wall somewhere in the map, and it throws up null exceptions left and right


Very good mod, though not without problems. But very strange why not supported...
Maybe with haul functionality had some bugs but backpack with ability keep additional weapons, tools and items it's very helpful!


Nice one killface! Always wanted an inventory akin to something similar of that in combat realism!


Quote from: Killface on October 01, 2016, 11:12:10 AM
It shall rise again - soonish

I deactivated the saddles as mounted riders were causing serious collision problems. Backpacks seem to work, also the cart (fixed the magenta texture). I've also added a tool selection, e.g. if a pawn is assigned for construction and has a hammer, he should switch to it for the time constructing. As soon as I can reliably use this mod, I'll add it officially to my sanctuary.
In the mean time, all bug reports and issues are welcome at https://github.com/Killface1980/RW_ToolsForHaul/issues

This is great, please make a new post perhaps so everyone know's there is a semi-working A15 version?


Please someone bring this back for alpha 16. The small reboot mod of this killface did was so cool!


Works quite well for testing. I wouldn't add it for now to a real colony unless you want some imbalances and maybe game breaking bugs. Defs are fully defined for testing, so no XPath patching and thus reduced compatibility to other mods.


I'm using AC-Enhanced Hauling, which I assume is a no no compatibility with this so far.


It has it's own workgivers, not touching those. Remember this is an unfinished mod, so be happy being one of the first trying it out and report bugs, or leave it as is.


Oh, I am sorry if you took offense. I am extremely excited this mod is back, because the default hauling system is ridiculous. Cart + AC Enhanced Hauling = no longer does your colony break down because half the plebs decided to spend their day carrying single potatoes back and forth.


Is there documentation? I'm having a little bit of trouble figuring out how everything should work. The last version I used way back allowed pawns to just roll the carts around and put shit in them and then move in bulk, and it worked really well, but this system appears to require mounting the cart or something...