[REQUEST] Low-Tech Land!

Started by Lisento, April 21, 2015, 01:38:56 AM

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Respectfully requesting a motivated modder consider creating a more low-tech living option. Key living requirements would require a stove and heating source that operate off of consumable fuel rather than electricity. An alternative to using refrigeration could include salt and drying racks.

Think farmers on the frontier. I love trying to play through a run of Rimworld to see how far (how long) I can go without guns and electricity. It would just be nice to play Rimworld without using all the futuristic stuff and just trying to survive as if you were the tribal faction as opposed to being a super high-tech society.


I would like to 2nd this request.


It'd also be neat to have a medieval total conversion of Rimworld focusing on swords, spears, bows, and iron armor. I think once the game gets a bit more complex (with leadership roles and military control) this would be fantastic.
Lets Crashland Here Simulator!


I'm working on a mod focusing on early to late medieval as well as some early reniassance apparel and weapons. I may continue on and make not really of a conversion but more of an expansion to Rimworld based on Medievalry.


With the superior crafting mod it gives you the ability for a really primitive early game cooking beef jerky and having to use campfires so your colonists don't freeze along with having to hunt animals to make the first tier of beds by using their hides what is more if u use skullywags gives you access to places to contain stuff as you would expect, what is more using bows pila and gladi are far more satisfying than rifles but in the end uptA yo