Making statues and hauling

Started by Rico, April 22, 2015, 05:47:44 PM

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One of my colonists, Jay,  was happily hauling resources to the Scultor's Table. He almost had all the stacks of Gold when other colonists decided to haul the stacks, that Jay put there to make his statue, back to the stockpile.

Not sure if this is intended behaviour (there's a little griefer in all of us but they're really taking it too far :p ) or a bug but could you perhaps change the way stacks that are meant for statues through assignments (IE: add a new assignment with "meant for profession" or "this stack is assigned to X") or increase the size of stacks so colonists don't unintentionally haul stacks back?

Poor Jay was trying to make a statue for 2 days (his mood was pretty low as well after a while because of it, which is understandable) but kept getting trolled by his fellow colonists until I made a new room and added a stockpile right next to the Table just for him.