Expanded crop control

Started by Matthiasagreen, April 30, 2015, 12:12:38 PM

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I know that Tynan added the ability to forbid growing zones, but I suggest something a little robust.

Each growing zone would have three options. The first would be Plant: with two options added. Forbid and Nothing added. Forbid would null the other two dropdowns. If Tynan has just added the forbid button, only adding Nothing would be necessary, this would be the same as plant cutting a whole growing zone.

The next would be When: and the options would be Now and When Harvested. "Now" would do what it currently does while "When Harvested" would only plant when the current plant is harvested. It is frustrating when some plants are grown and some aren't. You plan on switching crops, but you can't yet because you want those certain crop to finish growing. But then your guys waste time reseeding what you plan on digging up anyways.

The third Column would be the priority dropdown. That way if you are low on food, they colonists wouldn't start harvesting the cotton next door until the food is harvested and replanted
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