[A17] Vegetable Garden [8/22/17]

Started by dismar, May 07, 2015, 10:52:34 AM

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Quote from: Divenity on September 01, 2017, 09:40:13 PM
Ran into a bit of an issue. Tribal medicine kits take leather to make, but they can't use blended leather. Not sure if this is an oversight or an intentional punishment for mindlessly setting "make blended leather forever" on a Tailor's Loom.

Sidenote, the tribal medicine kits say they take bandages, hops and smokeleaf to make on the front page of this thread, but they actually take leather instead of bandages, not sure if that was just changed at some point and the graphic on the OP was never updated to reflect that but not a big deal, figured I'd say something so it could be fixed if necessary.

Weird about the blended leathers!

And the front page is Only updated at the start of an alpha. Sorry!


how do u remove the soil since i dont want it anymore?


God I love this mod, everything about it! Would never play without it anymore.

Thank you so much!


Another believer !! :-)
No more larvish meals, Stew,pizza and burger for all !! :-)


only thing I dislike is making 1x or 2x meals ( I like 4x or 8x ) for less work (im using higher stack mod )


In terms of compatibility, would it be possible to make mead from Apini honey?


Quote from: tonsrd on September 20, 2017, 02:54:59 PM
only thing I dislike is making 1x or 2x meals ( I like 4x or 8x ) for less work (im using higher stack mod )
If you got the resources, you can just made pot of stew, that give 8 meals.

Quote from: Lexmechanic on September 20, 2017, 04:58:01 PM
In terms of compatibility, would it be possible to make mead from Apini honey?
Apini honey is allready a meal, not a resource.
You should mention it at the Apini mod, that it is label as vegetanle resources, like Insect jelly.
But i am happy with apini honey like it is, the perfect travel food.


It would be very nice if we could see the special effects of each meal (higher metabolism, ...) as part of their ingame description.


Something that's really been bugging me... Mushrooms are not a plant. They're a fungus.


No Mushrooms are a plant, in the term you can plant and harvest them.
I think you mean they arn't vegetables, yep, and thats why you can use them as meat-replacement.


*facepalm* I mean that mushrooms are not a plant, they are a different kingdom altogether. Plants, animals, fungi... others I can't call to mind right now. But I'm growing "mushroom plants," and that's totally wrong. Mushrooms ARE NOT a plant.

Also, you dont plant mushrooms, you cultivate them. It's handy to produce them in a growing zone, but really it would take a lot of work, depending on the mushroom. They generally require a quite precise heat, humidity, light and nutrient balance, and gettong them to grow can be terribly frustrating. Growing mushrooms on logs is particularly annoying, because of it fails you'll have spent 9 months nurturing nothing.

Regarding meat replacement: mushrooms contain all of the amino acids, unlike plant matter. They're what a mean when we talk about protein, and they make up all of our DNA. Their are precious few sources of all the amino acids beyond meat, but mushrooms are one of them. Another way to get all the amino acids are milk, eggs, and having a balance of beans and grains. Each give four of the seven kinds of amino acids iirc, and between the two you'll get the full range you need. This is the big reason why you get unhealthy vegetarians: they don't eat a balance of grains and beans. But yes, mushrooms are full of protein, and are pretty much the equivalent of meat when it comes to having a healthy diet! But they are definitely NOT PLANTS. It's like saying an oak tree is a majestic animal.


Looks like we got a real fungi cultivator here ! :-)

Then you suggest to remove mushrooms from the growing zone list, and maybe add a special fungi-plant box with a smaller temperature range.

Or do you want anything like it is, and just mention that mushrooms are a fungus and not a plant ?


Well, I  used to be vegetarian, have studied a bit of physics and chemistry and do want to try growing mushrooms but haven't the space. :p personally, I'd settle for losing the plant identifier, but it could be fun to have a proper mushroom growing set up. You can grow some mushrooms in a field type set up, ones that grow on manure particularly, by I'm only a bit familiar with ones that grow on dead wood so I couldn't tell you anything about it. :p Just so long as they're not called plants in happy!


This mod is always a must-have for me, but I would have few suggestions, if I may :)
First was the thing mentioned before, about mushrooms. They not only should be planted in different way - as fungus, they don't need much light to grow, so you should be able to cultivate them in dark areas and on unfertile ground also. Think about real life mushrooms, for example ones that grow in pine forests - soil in such places is in most cases just sand, under shallow layer of humus (It is in Poland at least, where a lot of forest areas are man-made on post agricultural areas), and yet the mushrooms grow well ;)
Also, there is one addition I would love to see in this mod. So, you're able to make may types of alcohol, but i thought about two more types: moonshine, and pure ethanol. Moonshine should be very cheap, and easy to make in large quantities, but very addictive, and slowly destructive for organs (Not sure if you can make something like this). Pure ethanol, on the other hand should be hard to produce (in real life it requires muti-step distillation), expensive and also addictive, but it can be used to fight infections (antibiotics are hard to obtain, especially in early game). I would love if you consider adding something like that to your mod ;)