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Started by 1000101, May 10, 2015, 04:47:06 PM

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I was playing around with separating the walls a little so there are walls for material types.  Largely because I didn't like that plasteel is stonger than stone (no....just...no) and architecturally, it just wrong.  A wood wall does NOT look, act, have anything in common aside from being a "wall" than a stone or metal wall.  Construction techniques, methods, structural engineering etc is all different when building with wood/stone/metal.

Anyway, I found that if buildings share the same uiIconPath, they will stack in the designators menu.  So, if your menu icon for "WallWood" and "WallStone" are the same, you won't see two icons like you expect.

Is there any other "kooky" behaviour like this I should be aware of?
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