[1.0] [PROJECT] Hardcore SK project v7: Sunrise

Started by skyarkhangel, May 10, 2015, 11:40:32 PM

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How you relate for the full removing automatic turrets?

Positive. It's realistic. Fight with killboxes continues.
Negative. Make a button to kill all enemies in one click.


Quote from: Owlchemist on February 13, 2017, 05:02:00 PM
There will be a more "formal" announcement of this mod later, but for those who aren't in the discord server and may not know, there is now a new flavor of HCSK available. I call it Survival HardcoreSK

It is designed for people who use the vanilla storytellers instead of the new custom HCSK storytellers. This is because much of HCSK's balance direction is expecting you'll be playing a more combat-focused game that the custom storytellers provide, whereas the vanilla storytellers are more survival focused.

So if you want something that's a bit closer to the vanilla experience, but with HCSK's features and expanded progression line and deeper production chains, feel free to try it out, it could use some more play testers.

Aside from balance changes, it also includes some of my own brand of polish such as rewritten descriptions to better covey the purpose of things to the player (like for example all the many different meal types you can make).

Download and instructions are here

Giving it a try right now Owl!

So far so good as far as getting it up and going. I also turned Moody on, and added QualityBuilder, Miniaturisation, and Zhentar Tweaks. With Zhentar Tweaks, I wanted that only for the Sunlamp planning tool, but that doesn't seem to be working, don't know if that is a problem with regular HCSK as well, might give that a try to find out.


The last time I used a HKSK storyteller was in alpha 13 with Hildegarde on 2nd or 3rd highest difficulty (They changed names), and my god I never got a break, it was raid after raid, my colony wealth just kept going up because of all the loot on the map, and I was just quite literally overwhelmed not because it was impossible, it was tedious as fuck checking items/ammo/clothing etc.

Edit - Since then I've always stuck to the vanilla storytellers, perhaps I should give them another go.


Just want to give a big shout out to the modmaker, this pack is absolutely insane, it shows what Rimworld can be and the potential.

I truly love how everything is much more about survival, how for the vast time of the beginning you have to hunt to survive and pick fruits.

Truly amazing, canĀ“t get enough of this!



Quote from: tamzatumanami on February 13, 2017, 02:57:36 AM
Good job guys you broke this modpack with leather/meat update.

Feel free to make your own modpack.  ;)

But as far as I've heard the leather/meat update was regarded as an improvement.
Ask me about the Hardcore SK Modpack Discord Server!


Just thinking, but ain't sunlamps kinda unbalanced? consuming 1000w each makes for a full snow survival pretty impossible.
And an idea, maybe glass roofs would be cool, so we could get sunlight in a heated environment.

Abu Hajjar

Are normal shirts uncraftable in this version?
I have a electric tailoring bench, which is powered and a colonist with fairly high skill, but it doesn't show up in the bills menu? I can craft body suits, pants, boots, gloves, hats/masks, and armors, but no shirts?


Hi, Im getting this error when enabling this modpack (fresh game install, no other mods enabled):

EDIT: I also had to disable Moody since the console goes nuts with errors when I press the "gear" button (settings?) in-game.


Quote from: Abu Hajjar on February 15, 2017, 09:28:54 PM
Are normal shirts uncraftable in this version?
I have a electric tailoring bench, which is powered and a colonist with fairly high skill, but it doesn't show up in the bills menu? I can craft body suits, pants, boots, gloves, hats/masks, and armors, but no shirts?

Looks like you need the non-electric tailoring bench to get shirts.
That's not right, I think. I'll talk to the team about how to fix this best.


Any tailoring table got nearly own recipes. Only a few recipes can be made at all tables.
Same count for weapon tables.
Hardcore is a bit unique not like vanila.



I haven't played in like 2-3 weeks lots of changes and even a manual now lol goodwork on that :) Lets see how quickly HCSK can kill me :P

I have one request, could there be a more detailed description of what the new storytellers do? (Specifically Rey & Haseo) I've no idea which one is the harder one out of the 3 for example. It's very vague at least I think it is, maybe its just me but when I compare it to the vanilla explanations for example, Pheobe tells you that you can expect gaps in between events which would be aimed at the newer players, Cassandra explains that she would be the default experience with a scaling difficulty curve, in that this is the one you should be using for a balanced orientated game, Randy is quite literally random. Hildegarde epic is explained reasonably well, in that there will be a focus on bigger nastier events (Assumed it has faster difficulty curve) and less power outs, blights, solar flares etc.

Rey is tough??? but what does that mean, whats changed? Whats different? It's the same with Haseo. The only thing I can think of is that the incidents are going to be more frequent, but doesn't say which, and I assume the difficulty curve is going to very hard. my point is, that I don't want to assume, I want to know specifically what each storyteller does. I'm just asking if there could be a bit more of an explanation. I love the work you guys do and hope my input hasn't come across as negative or anything :)


Uck i just had my first freeze during auto save, (Gave it 2 minutes then I alt f4, every other autosave took only like <10 seconds) I will give a detailed explanation & information if it happens again, the output log had nothing, hummm... it doesn't look promising, I hope it was the one off, fresh install as of couple hours ago.


I laughed at this buffalo's wound I gave it, am I the only one seeing a face?