[1.0] [PROJECT] Hardcore SK project v7: Sunrise

Started by skyarkhangel, May 10, 2015, 11:40:32 PM

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How you relate for the full removing automatic turrets?

Positive. It's realistic. Fight with killboxes continues.
Negative. Make a button to kill all enemies in one click.


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got another issue if you didnt know about it, the archery target joy object is giving a sound error saying:

Cannot play ArrowImpact (subSound UnnamedSubSoundDef_: No resolved grains.

(Filename: C:/buildslave/unity/build/artifacts/StandalonePlayerGenerated/UnityEngineDebug.cpp Line: 56)

With my patch or without?


Good... I don't need to fix bugs.  :D


I would like to point something else out, the small heater, which is worse than the normal heater, is more expensive than the normal heater

i suspect the fan is the same way


Quote from: Ember on August 07, 2015, 06:36:29 PM
I would like to point something else out, the small heater, which is worse than the normal heater, is more expensive than the normal heater

i suspect the fan is the same way

But its so cute!


Yup the fan and the small heaters are useless, they should cost much less.


Updated to 1.11b*
*may not support savegame because many changes in FishIndustry... try to remove before aquaponic basin + hopper.

1. Removed Harsher Map Conditions of the main pack, which enhances the effects of a heatwave or cold because of too high levels of lead for disbalance in some situations. It will be available separately patch.
2. Updated Tools For Jobs, now the tools needed to work on a mandatory basis.
3. Updated translations into Russian: Hospitality, VG, corrected found errors with the translation.
4. Updated mod Lights & Glass (Glassworks + Ceiling Lights), adding two new lamps  textures.
5. Returned button "Collect the sand."
6. Increased the strength of the log wall, but significantly reduced the construct time.
7. Color generator  for woodplank now like a woodlog.
8. Matter converter: Reduced time for conversion to matter almost 3 times. Added effect of saving electricity. Change the priority of the work machine.
9. Update FishIndustry to the latest version.
10. Lowered aggressive mobs. There were only aggressive: Cobra, Snork and Big Spider. Now it can be installed as separate patch.
11. Update mod AutoSell with bug fixes.
12. The assembly workbench moved to production menu.
13. Added In-game FAQ. To call, press SHIFT + K. (support Russian and English language by Rey)
14. Greatly increased the spawn for mosquitoes and flies ..
15. Now you needs leather for craft weapons too.
16. Changed the characteristics of the weight & work penalties almost of all weapons (by Rey)


Temporaly removed ToolForJob driver for repair job.

Just update over Core_SK.


The newest version is very buggy. I started and had to finish around 8 games because of bugs. For example there is a bug with assigning jobs, and many errors/exceptions about colliding or missing definitions.

This and previous version are too buggy to play imho :(

I was using hotfix, latest version and crash landing.

Also this version is missing texts for events like quest for treasure or low drone power level alert.

Here's a screenshot:

Also, are my colonists idle because they don't have tools to do the work? Doesn't it add too much micromanagement with equipment? To have every colonist swap between tools and weapons for each raid... I don't think this change brings any good to the mod. IF you really want that aspect in the mod, and make mandatory crafting toolbelt for everyone to let them do their basic jobs, then halve (or even more) basic  work speed without tools and make tools give high bonus for doing the job to compensate. To be totally unable to do the job leads only to frustration and confusement.
Little posts, quality posts.

Notice me, senpaaiiiiiii!!!!


By the way, where did crafting toolbelt recipe go? For tailor crafting station which requires synthetics?
Little posts, quality posts.

Notice me, senpaaiiiiiii!!!!


I installed from fresh copy and use English. I had more glitches than those which I shown but it's difficult to reproduce them. As is this one. Just lots of random weird bugs/glitches.
Little posts, quality posts.

Notice me, senpaaiiiiiii!!!!


Can't reproduce the bug, colinists repair thing fine without the tool. I'm using the hotfix & TuffLuck V4.

Ps: V4 comes out in ~45 min


Updated to 1.11c*
*please reinstall modpack with full deleting all files. No updating over 1.11b or ToolsForJobs not be deleted.

1) Remove ToolsForJobs. Optionally, you can put them individual.
2) Fixed Miscellaneous events for the English language translation.
3) Rewrite for all the animals the chance to get manhunter. Peace animals like hire  will never going crazy.
4) Added the trading post as an early version of the trading beacon. Available at the beginning of the game.


I think the pictures are too big... can i shrink them?
Welcome to Tuff Luck Patch V4... this update we make every fraction hate you, animals more agressive & change the prices for heater, coolers etc.

Kindling can now be made from wood planks & bamboo.

Drag everything in the 'tuff luck' folder into your 'mods' folder & overwrite whats neccesary. Put your ModsConfig in your '%AppData%\..\LocalLow\Ludeon Studios\RimWorld\Config' folder... simple.


  • Bigger, Bader & more common raids*
  • General Torchure*
  • Everything good is less common*
  • Lots of bad stuff!*
  • PAIN & DEATH!*
  • Plus my art skills... don't worry its only 2 pictures!
  • Harsher Map conditions now has its own events... Extreme heatwave, Extreme Volcanic Winter & Extreme Cold Snap... They are 4x less likely then their normal counterpart.
  • Every fraction your enemy.
  • Animals more aggressive.
  • Change price of temperature buildings.
  • Kindling can now be made out of planks & bamboo

*Recommend/Must use my custom storyteller for full effect.




This is my new favorite mod-pack, keep up the good work, it completely revolutionizes Rimworld and I've put in over 50 hours so far! Feedback below (Beware stream of consciousness and wall of text):

Playing revision 1.11a at the moment (haven't upgraded yet due to not wanting to lose my save).


Five things in my opinion would greatly increase the appeal of this mod-pack.

1. More guns from the diverse range of gun mods out there would be great.

2. Better tool-tips for a lot of the content (the more information the better). For example:

  • The plants should have their pros and cons listed in their tooltips (e.g. Corn plants are slow growing, high yield and can be made into ethanol, Strawberries are low yield [I think?] but your colonists do not have a problem eating them raw).
  • The power plants should list how much power they generate (and any fuels they can take) in their tool tips. At the moment it is unclear how things like the plasma steam generator are different to the regular steam generator.
  • Some of the technologies like base structures have no tool tips and give no indication of what advantages they provide.

If you need help creating tool-tips I'm sure more than a few people would volunteer, myself included.

3. The Zombie Apocalypse mod. A well established fort can lose any sense of danger. This mod can make danger come from within the fort.

4. Some way to dig out the roof of mountain terrain. This can be annoying on mountainous maps.

5. More factions. The Pre-Transcended and Ish's Medieval faction would fit in well.


I have noticed that cotton plants drop cloth instead of raw cotton, I assume this is not intentional since we have the tailors loom?

Occasionally colonists will (hilariously and frustratingly) shoot themselves with the shotgun.

Balancing or Changes:

Synthetic materials and especially electronic chips are very painful to make taking a lot of steel parts which can only be made 2 at a time (even later when you have a fully functional base). I suggest perhaps providing a second recipe for electronic chips once the player can make silicon that uses less steel parts or making it so that 5 steel parts are created per workshop task rather than 2 (or even both)? Everything seems to rely very heavily on steel parts right now and I haven't found any real uses for aluminum or copper other than decoration. This may be intentional.

In fact the whole process of making steel parts is a little annoying right now. Even though spare parts can technically be made out of any metal I'm guessing most players are making them out of steel (cheapest and most accessible material). After making the spare parts out of steel then more steel needs to be added to the spare parts to make steel parts? It would perhaps be more sensible to have the steel parts simply made entirely out of steel rather than also spare parts (increasing their cost) so that the player is not having to assign spare part production and steel part production at the same time every time they want steel parts at the workshop.

Trading is a huge pain because when traders show up you have to find out what goods they accept then manually alter the stockpile settings and haul all the goods out to the trade beacon (where they take damage for being outside) and often by the time you haul all the stuff out there they take off. Perhaps they could stay longer and give some indication of what goods they will accept?

Furniture technology progression seems a bit out of whack at the moment. The tech tree seems to have multiple tech lines dedicated to furniture, it's hard to tell what they unlock and when they are unlocked they sometimes provide access to objects that are worse than their predecessors (I'm looking at you beds). Everything else in the mod seems to progress very sensibly but furniture perhaps needs a rework.

There seems to be no advantage to using storage devices such as pallets over using simple stockpile zones? Both a square with a pallet and a square with a stockpile zone can hold 75 steel ore. Also pallets and other storage objects lower beauty(!?). A good change might be to either increase the amount a storage object can hold to justify the resource expenditure (my vote is this, changed to double) or to increase the storage objects beauty so at the very least they make the environment seem neater and more ordered than throwing everything on the floor.

It would be a nice addition if: a) somehow the mending workshop took resources like cloth to use. b) colonists would mend items they are wearing when they get below a certain damage threshold (50%) automatically. Right now you have to drop the item, unforbid it, wait until its mended and hope another colonist doesn't pick it up before your original colonist gets it back.

Making weapons does not make sense right now. To make one rifle you have to smelt approximately 5 weapons to get the weapons parts including an existing rifle to get the rifle components (or buy the components for more than the rifle will be worth when it's made). Weapon parts should be craft-able. My suggestion would be to make 'lighter' weapons such as pistols and shotguns only require steel and wood, heavier weapons should require plasteel, synthetic materials or plastic, etc to balance them out.

Embrasures are extremely powerful (to the point of being hideously overpowered). While I do not think they should be removed they need to be balanced somehow through heftier resource penalties, much lower HP (my vote if the next option is not possible), or optimally by making it so that enemy gunfire can get through and harm colonists but their is a greatly reduced chance of this (making them like better sandbags, Ish's Medieval Mods has a type of embrasure like this).

The new power options while welcome are not balanced. The cost in circuits and synthetic materials seems way, way too high.


One question I had regarding the mod-pack was what's the deal with fissures and mining? Are there any advantages or disadvantages to creating a large fissure? Do large fissures require more power? Is their only advantage that they can select from a wider variety of resources? Do they extract resources slower or faster than their smaller counterparts? Is the only disadvantage of fissures that they take much longer to make?


@The13thRonin Tuff Luck Patch V4:
Quote from: TheGentlmen on August 08, 2015, 06:40:26 PM

Has Zombies & next version will hopefully have The Transcendence & Pirates. If your only interested in the zombies  only add the following files: EPOE_SK, Core_SK, Zombie Apocalypse


Quote from: The13thRonin on August 09, 2015, 08:21:44 AM

Trading is a huge pain because when traders show up you have to find out what goods they accept then manually alter the stockpile settings and haul all the goods out to the trade beacon (where they take damage for being outside) and often by the time you haul all the stuff out there they take off. Perhaps they could stay longer and give some indication of what goods they will accept?

I believe ever since the part about items getting damaged during weather, you were no longer required to have a trade beacon outside and unroofed