[1.0] [PROJECT] Hardcore SK project v7: Sunrise

Started by skyarkhangel, May 10, 2015, 11:40:32 PM

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How you relate for the full removing automatic turrets?

Positive. It's realistic. Fight with killboxes continues.
Negative. Make a button to kill all enemies in one click.


Hey, there is one thing what i dont like: opportunity to use items only when they lie in stock. So many stupid things happened with this, when one detail have long travel to the stock and then immediately take long way back.
Can it be disabled? Or how can i disabled it myself?

P.s.: I cant find medical bed after researching it. Where is it?


Hey The13thRonin,

I haven't tried the other pack, but this seems to be larger and adds in things that make the game more difficult in that there is more to do. In the base game you could get say solar power up easily, now that requires research and more advanced parts. You use a steam generator by burning kindling, which is made from cutting logs, to get your early power.

I like it because it follows the progression of crashing on a planet a lot more and it extends the game in a meaningful way. All these mods are put together in a way that makes sense and works/balances well, especially the tech tree. There are some minor grammar issues because the creators are Russian native and you may find bugs (I have not), but overall it gives the game a nice complete feel and ties in all the mods nicely giving good tech/crafting progression.

You can download this and get a full painless experience, rather than downloading all the mods yourself. You can do it and it will work, but if nothing else having the research flow and balancing all the weapons/turrets are a pain to do manually. The creators are active as well, and are constantly adding/bug fixing. They listen to suggestions too.

Give it a try, its very easy to set up and you can always get rid of it. Only takes a couple minutes to download, unpack in your rim world mods folder. The config file is there to tell the mods what order to load in, and helps if you place it in the proper folder as it tells you in the readme. If you don't like it, try the other one. I would recommend trying this one first though, because it is harder.


Auto-hunt beacon does allow auto-harvesting mushrooms. Tried adjusting the mod load-order, but game stopped working, so I reset them to original order. Any tips how to get the beacon to mark cave-flora for harvesting?


Nano-storage concept is a bit daft. Since we have a 2d world, how about renaming it to the "underground storage"? So it would be cellar with some kind of dead-waiter system.


Quote from: skyarkhangel on May 10, 2015, 11:40:32 PM
60) Crush Landing (easy)  (This mod changes the game start. It adds a new event, that drop a different spaceship parts on the landing site from the sky. Pods with colonists, containers with resources, engines with flammable fuel, and other useful and dangerous things.) by Katavrik

Crash... not crush  :D

Ps:How do you set easy mode for Crash Landing?


It's automatically the 'easy' version of the mod. It makes the pawns/items you start with come down safely in their pods as normal before the event, opposed to them coming down with the crash, potentially killing/destroying them.

BTW, are you thinking of adding the Rimsenal weapons/armors/faction?


hello - does this mod work with the latest version of the game? 11d ??


I'm sorry. I had problems with access to account. Now, all problems solved. Big thanks to ludeon support. I missed you. :D
Updated to 1.10a - 26.07.2015.

Soon hot bugfixes and only full support 11d version.


Changelog for 1.9a to 1.10a: 26.07.2015
1) Added mod Mending - able to repair things.
2) Added mod Fish Industry.
3) Added mod BackForHaul.
4) Added mod AutoSeller - the ability to set up automatic trading.
5) Added mod A2B: conveyor belts.
6) Added mod A2B - Selector Options.
7) Added the prison door from the mod PrisonImrovements.
8) Updated AdditionalJoyObjects fashion to the latest version with new features and bug fixes.
9) Added the seeds for Spectago.
10) Updated Hospitality mod to the latest version fixes several bugs.
11) Added Wave Survival Mode - The new storyteller.
12) Updated module CombatRealism with bug fixes.
13) Added some new researches.
14) Updated module SuperiorCrafting.
15) Updated module MD-Droids with bug fixes.
16) Updated LT_RedistHeat module to the latest version.
17) Reworked embrasures.
18) Now Mulch can be made from bamboo too.
19) Reduce the speed opening bamboo door.
20) Updated mod Crash Landing.
21) Fixed cost for LED Ropes.
22) Updated mod Anti Tank Weapons to the latest version.
23) Added Capsule Reactor (portable energy source. It can be purchased from merchants, but quite expensive).
24) Added a wall of logs, available from the beginning of the game.
25) Remove damageMultipliers to all fuses.
26) Update VegetableGarden mod to the latest version.
27) Completely redesigned SeedPlease with the latest update VegetableGarden.
28) Removed the "clone" merchant of mod AdditionalJoyObjects.
29) Completely rewritten traders, they now sell almost everything, that is in Hardcore_SK including details of weapons and have more money.
29) increased the chance of Alphalo and Muffalo in the tundra.
30) In Hazmat container can put all weapons and ammunition.
31) Fixed sizes for  prostheses buildings.
32) At the Research table and other tables colonists can no longer to "climb".
33) Reduced to 150 points cost for basic prostheses table and for stonecutting table from 60 to 40.
34) Fixed recipe for tazer.
35) Both the weapon tables are now in the "Innovation".
36) Fuel Power Plant now provides heat. Increased heat output fort steam-gen and biogenerator.
37) Modified craft electronics, microchips, artificial bone with  according to the 1.8 production chain.
38) Completely redesigned craft prostheses (EPOE) in accordance with the production chain 1.8.
39) Threat cutter: Reduced the range from 50 to 40. Increased cooldown. Slightly reduced accuracy.
40) Vector Pistol: slightly increased cooldown.
41) In the laboratory, biofuel can now be converted into biomatter and vice versa.
42) Increase number of sand from stoneblocks and from rubble.
43) Stack of silver increased from 400 to 1,000.
44) Tilled soil moved to "Misc" menu.
45) Added 5 new turrets.
46) Added updated Mechanoid terraformer mod.
47) Barbed wire and trenches will not create the roof.
48) Completely changed icon menu for all turrets.
49) Full reworked canning table. Now you can make meat in cans or vegetable preserves in glass jar. it reduces the detorioration. Then the colonists can use canned meals for cooking normal food.
50) Increase the detorioration rate of all things and weapons about 3 times. (Some weapons have in a 1.9 detorioration rate of 0.3, it will be 3.0, i.e. a 10 times increase).
51) Pawn State Icons Updated to the latest version.
52) Almost completely restored the appearance of plants through the study of technology.
53) Fixed craft Assault carbine.
54) The slave trader is now haggling dope.
55) Drugs a separate category Drugs (1.9 is with food)
56) Completely reworked craft cooking according to the production chain 1.8. Now the necessary tableware. Two types: glass and metal.
57) added 5 new weapons from Misriah Armories. Including not expensive improved type "advanced" sniper rifle available for attackers.
58) Fixed dark screen with a combination of mods Darkness_SK + Mechanoid Terraformer. And increased time for new incindent.  Teraformer can now learned closer to the end of the chain of research.
59) Removed clone recipe for canned food.
60) Found and removed clone recipe for craft microchips in two different files.
61) Fixed a bug with filter cooking salad with mushrooms.
62) Removed craft supercomputer terminal, sentry platform on the electronic table. Changed the recipe for crafting the pump in accordance with the new 1.8 production chain.
63) Tableware (dishes) is now required as a container for the production of most of the "end" products and alcoholic beverages.
64) Significantly reduce the accuracy of all sniper rifles at close range.
65) Increased the damage and  other stats for all shotguns.
66) Completely remove vanilla doomsday rocket and triple rocket launcher for attackers.
67) All the weapons in the warehouse sorted by type.
68) Fixed texture coffee machine and coffee. New textures of coffee and tobacco tree.
69) Remade chain of production of the glass, with a new resource.
70) The laser gun can now have quality. (1.9 has not)

Changelog for 1.10a to 1.10b: 29.07.2015
1) modconfig: Support version 11d
2) Fixed red errors with thingcategories.
3) Increased the damage of 2 to 16 at the new combat rifles.
4) Fuel power plant can now be rotated.
5) Fixed a bug with deterioration display of Soylent
6) Fixed cost calculation and beauty for small and large table.
7) The effect of positive mood "still alive" Wave Survival mod has been reduced from 35 to 10.
8) Fixed description of the glass production chain recipes (Eng. Lang.)
9) Added button to enable / disable for the glass door.
10) Remove clone stone surface.
11) Fixed a bug in SeedPlease: Now Cotton -> raw cotton and Devilstrand -> raw devilstrand.
12) Fixed a bug with the plant Lettuce and Onion without SeedPlease mod.
13) Norbals are ready for EPOE surgery. (Needs activated EPOE mod. Please check!)
14) Removed the yellow errors with Russian translation.


Electronics in 1.10 cost 50 sand, 20 wire, 15 spare parts, and 10 steel parts for 2 chips. This created a huge drain on my resources. Anything requiring electronics is hideously expensive and will empty your stockpile of steel.


Quote from: Canute on July 30, 2015, 06:14:33 PM
Quote11) Added Wave Survival Mode - The new storyteller.
Oh nice, you did just the same like ninefinger, add the new storyteller and don't know what happen.
For this storyteller it is important to have a trade beacon.
Without trade beacon, the storyteller can't send you resources that helps you to build up the base.
But with the current research tree, you will need days or better weeks until you research all nessesary parts and be able to build a trade beacon.

Best solution: Modify the trade beacon, to be minified. And add a trade beacon to the start. Add a recipe to the electronic workbench for new minified Trade beacons with the current building mats.

Alternate: Add a Simple trade beacon to the construction, no research needed, just 20-40 Steel bar's, 1 spare part, 2-4 steel part. Reduced Hitpoints.

Thank you, Canute  ;)
Now, i'am working on next update.

Active changelog but on russian lang:

Версия: 1.11а
На 03.08.2015:
1) Добавлен HotCold Biomes, усложненная версия для части биомов внедрена в Core_SK. А также реализована его совместимость с остальными модами.
2) Добавлен LessIncindentTrolling уменьшающий шансы схода с ума животных.
3) Поправлены платформы для всех турелей.
4) Добавлено почти два десятка новых историй для колонистов.
5) Добавлен Harsher Map Conditions. Делает похолодание, жару и вулканическую зиму более серьезными, чем раньше. Увеливает силу эффекта и их продолжительность даже до 4х месяцев...
6) Добавлен долгожданный мод MoreMechanoids, превращающий механоидов в одну из самых интересных фракций. Реализована совместимость с вооружением механоидов модпака.
7) Моды Tools_SK, TilledSoil_SK, FloorLights_SK и BetterFurniture_SK внедрены непосредственно в Core_SK.
8) Обновлен CrashLanding до последней версии 4.32
9) Добавлен сельскохозяйственный торговец, который будет торговать семенами, продуктами, рыбой, мясом.. и другими вкусностями.
10) Переработана минимальная дистанция, для большинства турелей.
11) Перерисованы иконки всех турелей. Теперь у каждой турели есть своя уникальная иконка!
12) Новые текстуры для ванильных мортир.
13) Добавлен мод Powerswitch. Открывает новые возможности по автоматизации выключателей.
14) Перерисована тяжелая плазмапушка механоидов и добавлена тяжелая лазерная установка механоидов.
15) Поправлен радиус отображения действия силового щита при постройке.
16) Здания FishIndustry теперь доступны.
17) Теперь у двух торговцев будет доступна к покупке рыбная продукция.
18) Жареное и вяленое мясо теперь не требуют посуды.
19) Разрушенный корабельный реактор теперь испускает туже радиацию, что и разрушенная АЭС.
20) Добавлен ров. Защитная полоса, сильно снижающая скорость передвижения.
21) Супер-компьютер теперь нельзя купить, его можно только построить.
22) Обновлен Miscellanious до последней версии. Появились новые интересные фишки.
23) Добавлено еще два типа посуды: глиняная и пластиковая.
24) Вернул телегу для мода ToolsForHaul. Рюкзак теперь не такой тяжелый как был.
25) Крематорий: При сгорании тела или вещи, будет образовываться пепел. Который теперь нужен как ингредиент для удобрения почвы.
26) Добавлен перевод на русский язык мода ToolsForhaul от Vuursteen
27) Добавлен перевод на русский язык мода Mending от Rey
28) Добавлен перевод на русский язык мода RW_A2B от Rey
29) Добавлен перевод на русский язык мода RW_A2B_Selector от Rey
30) Добавлен перевод на русский язык мода PrisonImprovements от Rey
31) Добавлен мод AlertSpeaker - позволяет ставить систему оповещения (сигнализация).
32) Для шахтеров добавлена каска с фонариком из мода MiningHelmet.
33) Обновлен Community Core Library до последней 11.4 версии.
34) Исправлен фильтр крафта консервов. Раньше можно было из консервов делать консервы.. о_О
35) Откат Miscellanious мода с последними новов0ведениями до версии 1.10b из-за множества пока не решенных багов.
36) Удаление из сборки MoreMechanoids из-за багов с "работой". Множество красных и желтых ошибок, пока автор не решит с ними проблему. Более того, механоиды с этим модом начинают хотеть спать.
37) Дозатор пасты теперь работает нормально и его текстура возвращена к ванильному виду.
38) Добавлен перевод на русский язык мода RWAutoSell от Rey
39) Добавлен перевод на русский язык мода Wave Survival Mode от Rey
40) Добавлен перевод на русский язык мода Miscellaneous_Animals от Rey
41) Ром и сидр теперь тоже нуждаются в таре.
42) Уменьшен вес гранатометов.
43) Уменьшены некоторые стоимости изучения технологий дроидов.
44) Добавлена куча новых красивых текстур. Автор: neuffs


Can you manufacture Synthetic material or do I need to sell my soul to traders?


why does the most basic of joy items need to be researched?


Quote from: Canute on July 31, 2015, 05:55:26 PM
Yes you can at the tailor's loom,  raw cotton + plasteel ore.
And at the same table hyperweave too.

So i need to sell my soul to traders for the cotton :( , -20C in SUMMER is cruel...

EDIT: The tailor's loom needs Synthetic Material... So I need to sell my soul to traders for the Synthetic Material so i can start selling my soul more for the cotton... Just great...
Quote from: Ember on July 31, 2015, 08:39:48 PM
why does the most basic of joy items need to be researched?

Becuase they don't know how tohave fun... duh.


Quote from: TheGentlmen on July 31, 2015, 10:32:34 PM
Quote from: Canute on July 31, 2015, 05:55:26 PM
Yes you can at the tailor's loom,  raw cotton + plasteel ore.
And at the same table hyperweave too.

So i need to sell my soul to traders for the cotton :( , -20C in SUMMER is cruel...

EDIT: The tailor's loom needs Synthetic Material... So I need to sell my soul to traders for the Synthetic Material so i can start selling my soul more for the cotton... Just great...
Quote from: Ember on July 31, 2015, 08:39:48 PM
why does the most basic of joy items need to be researched?

Becuase they don't know how tohave fun... duh.

must have been caused by the crash

anyways, this modpack is damned near impossible when playing on an ice sheet, takes soo long to get to even be able to make a light so i can start growing things, i miss that wood torch already

somehow im still enjoying myself... except when im forced to cheat in food just to continue on D:

hrm, i must be missing something, or its just this hard to grow stuff but first time planting and they are only growing at 17%

and another question, how do i unlock the fishing pier? no idea what research i need to do to unlock it