[W|0.11.834] Enemies stuck in my base, unable to path out, should attack door.

Started by Axelios, June 17, 2015, 01:12:49 AM

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Hi all.

I had some raiders drop right into my base. They decided to flee after my colony shot them up, and because I forbid the door I now have a hostile wandering in my base.

Expected behaviour: hostile attempting to flee should path through a door and attack it on the way out to gain freedom.

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I have seen functionally the same issue, but instead of them wandering in a pack (and therefore being a bit of a challenge, they tended to wander away from each other, so with MY pack of colonists I was able to move to a location withing MY firing range and shoot them down, and even collected one prisoner to feed on the butchered remains of it's fellow raiders (the prison has a npd with all hoppers set to ONLY accept human meats) and the prisoner was a 93% difficulty to convert so will be eating a LOT of it's companions


Can confirm. Fleeing raider just "give up" if they are enclosed and their only way out is a door or an open forbidden door.


enemies are not supposed to respond to the door being forbidden, only colonists and friendlies.

Also confirmed, enemies just stand there, when the doorway is forbidden.


Definitely needs fixing, but it's unrelated to forbidding the door.
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Ah yes, I didn't test with held-open doors. But shouldn't matter either way, they should just attack the door if necessary.
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Maybe because it's open, it's not seen as an attackable thing, but it's forbidden, so they don't use it?
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