11.834 Pirate released prisoner improves relation message

Started by TLHeart, June 12, 2015, 05:04:55 PM

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when you release a pirate prisoner, you get the message, because so and so left the map healed, relations with the pirate band have improved by 15....

yet when you go to the factions tab, relationship status did not change... still at a -98....

I did not think it was possible to improve relations with the pirate bands.


Good point. Released prisoners should not spawn this message, because as you said it, their relations cannot be changed.


Or the relationship should change.

Either way... its a bug.


I think the pirate relationship is supposed to stay, by game design.


"Omygod, those guys healed and released me. I'm so thankful. We should be nicer to them."
"Butbutbut, O Pirate Leader Grumpy Cat...!"

Relations: -98
I like how this game can result in quotes that would be quite unnerving when said in public, out of context. - Myself

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