Phantom lights after deconstruction

Started by TheNewNo2, June 15, 2015, 12:20:40 PM

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I've noticed that sometimes if you deconstruct a standing lamp, the light stays present, giving a "phantom" light source. This happened in A10 and A11. It's especially noticable in the attached image, as there's a power cut so there shouldn't be any light. In each case there was a standing lamp which I later deconstructed.

The light goes away if you restart the game.

[attachment deleted due to age]


If you have a save can you try removing the conduit nearby as well to see if the light goes away. I seem to remember this bug supposedly being squashed...
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looking at his image, it is not just the light that was deconstructed, but the light to the right is also glowing, and appears their is a light in the cooler glowing also.


The "glowing" light is just because I deconstructed a white light and replaced it with a green one in the same place. There's no power going to it, it's just got the phantom light in the same location.


I can't seem to reproduce this. Can anyone provide repro steps?
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