[0.11.834] Sometimes horseshoes pass through wall

Started by Jimyoda, June 22, 2015, 02:29:34 PM

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Sometimes a horseshoe overshoots the pin (which isn't a bug itself - it just missed the pin) and lands two spaces beyond the pin. If you place a horseshoe pin against a wall this overshooting makes it look like the horseshoe ghosted through the wall.
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This happens with weapons two, which can lead to items behind a wall being destroyed by weapons with a large spread (such as miniguns) without the wall itself being destroyed.

This should be reproducible if you have a colonist stand close to an object parallel to a wall and force-fire at the object. If you have something like a table on the other side, the spread can damage or destroy it (and some of my furniture has been destroyed in a similar manner). A colonist with low shooting skill would be preferable.

May be related to this bug, since I've noticed grenades landing on top of (under) walls as well.


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