11.834 Tynan I am now very confused on selling guests

Started by TLHeart, June 24, 2015, 10:01:36 AM

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in this bug report, http://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=13916.0 about selling guests, you stated it was not a bug, and here I quote, "It's not a bug, but I'll adjust the price impact of injuries."

and in this bug report, http://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=13957.0 about the debuff caused by selling guests, you state that selling guests is a bug, and I quote, "Selling guests at all is a bug, so this is obviated."

so which is it, is selling  a guest not a bug as stated in the first report, or is it a bug?

Steps to reproduce being able to sell a guest.

Spawn a visitor,
down the visitor,
Rescue the visitor,
While the guest in is bed, call a pirate merchant,
can even sell the guest after he is out of bed, before the guest does some other action, like eat.
sell the guest into slavery. as shenzya said, profit....

I would not start another report, but you have locked the other 2.


Tynan misunderstood the first report and thought it was about the injuries.

Quote from: Tynan (in a PM)
Quote from: Cimanyd (in a PM)
I'm not making a new thread, since this was already reported by someone else and you locked the thread. I think you may not have noticed the actual problem being reported, though. It's not that they're injured, it's that they're guests. You can sell rescued guests into slavery.

Expected behavior: Guests can't be sold to pirate merchants.

Alternate expected behavior: Factions should be slightly annoyed if you sell their members to pirate merchants (they aren't now).

Ah! My apologies, you're right. Ok, I'll definitely fix it. Thanks Cim!

Being able to sell an injured prisoner wouldn't be a bug, but selling guests is.

This is why the "What you expected to happen" part is important!
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