Sum it up: #1 thing you all want added to Rimworld.....

Started by mc858, June 22, 2015, 07:33:34 PM

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Keep in mind we only have 1 dev (a very talented one- but still only one guy lol)

For me- i want to say the ability to dig levels but i think that would be too complicated at this point- so what i want is hostile native life like big monsters or something that just rampage all over the map =)
what about you guys?


The game's foundation is feeling better and better with every update. I'd love if soon some of the more advanced technologies are added to the game. Things that make fights way more interesting. I remember Tynan used an example along the lines of: Giant Robots with rocket launchers are invading, but it might not be so bad since you have a minefield generator and cloaking field. It would make each runthrough more unique since it's unlikely you'll encounter the same set of tech items every game.


A proper game ending (forcing you to abandon the colony for example). And something you'll remember.

Or multiple endings generated on the choices you made during the game. Something your colonists need to work hard for to achieve. Maybe everyone dies in the end regardless of your best efforts, or maybe they finally manage to get the ship built against all odds only to have it fail during launch. Each colony you play should tell a different story, and make you think back on it. 


Relations and somehow making the colonists feel more... human.

Oh and before I forget better defenses!


A non colonist non human "pet" if you will in the base game, simply because it will open a new world of opportunities for modders.
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multiple colonies which work together

after leaving with the space ship, would be nice to play on with the stuff taken by the crew and the possibility to trade/communicate with the old base.
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If, for an hypothetical future (possibly beyond this game's current scope), we might see a multiplayer happen for RW:
Be able to drop into a team mission against AI with friends.
Reverse mechanics of RW so that YOU and other FRIENDS are in a team and have to join ground forces to fight a randomly-gen enemy base (a faction one, maybe?)
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"Sam Starfall joined your colony"
"Sam Starfall left your colony with all your valuable"
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A Friend

Relations between pawns and possibly pawns of other factions.

Friendship and rivalry between your pawns that can't really be forced. That sort of stuff.
Along with it are:
The possible reactions to other pawns.
("Why the heck was I tasked with rescuing this moron?" -3 Mood, -2 Relations)
("Man, [Colonist] and I really have a lot in common.. felt nice having him around." +2 Mood, +2 Relations)
("[Colonist] died... heh, finally." +10 Mood)
("[Colonist] died... w-why..." -15 Mood)

Perhaps some side events
(Murder and the body turning slightly invisible for you to find and investigate.)
(Idle Colonist tagged along his working friend, chatting.)
(Brawls between pawns who really hate each other.)
(Messing/Dirtying up bedrooms of a pawn's rival.)
(Pawns working harder when their friend is near.)
(Social pawns making two rivals settle their differences.)
(Prisoner pawns attacking previously recruited Colonists of the same faction due to their "Betrayal".)
(Prisoner pawns being secretly released by the Warden before he is executed.)
(Pawns leaving due to too many rivals, and their few friends potentially joining in.)
(Heated arguments between pawns making others in the area uncomfortable.)
(Friendly pawns with same work walking together in groups.)

Quote from: Headshotkill on June 24, 2015, 03:09:51 AM
Relations and somehow making the colonists feel more... human.

I dunno about code and stuff and I assume this is very complex and probably isn't doable, but I can imagine. :)
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#1 most important, relations with the other factions... being able to provide for the visitors, and possibly get them to join because they like your base.

Trade with the other on world factions, special foods, joy items, chemical interests.


lots of high tech stuff. This is 3500 years in the future, and i want it to show. futuristic weapons and equipment! Scifi artifacts with profound abilities! Visits from transcendents with incomprehendable power!

that would be fun! :)
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Medical solutions to everything.  artificial spines for bad backs.  synthskin for scars.  bionic organs.  smaller bionics for missing digits.  something that regenerates damaged brains (randomized traits, skills, and passions.  background changed to brain damaged)

nothing broken just being able to have possibilities.  just so we dont have to give up on people until they are dead.  then be able to harvest them. 


Quote from: JimmyAgnt007 on June 24, 2015, 12:55:09 PM
Medical solutions to everything...
..nothing broken.. ..we don't have to give up on people

I like this. I saw an incredible video about real life bionics recently, and the head efforts making the presentation had the philosophy of:
"People are never broken. It's technology, that's broken. We need better bionics."

So yes, please, let's have medical solutions for everything that would make us think our colonist is "broken". Give them a second chance.
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