[0.11.834] Deadfall trap's hotkey hard to see

Started by Jimyoda, June 25, 2015, 09:53:48 AM

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The deadfall trap is perhaps the only texture that reaches the top left corner, which can present a minor issue...
The hotkey for the deadfall trap is obscured by the icon, mostly when set to Silver or other material with a light color. The white text blends in with light colors. The texture just needs dead space where the hotkey lays over it.
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Am I the only one who doesn't see any hotkey for the IED trap?


there is no hot key assigned to the IED trap.

from my keyboard configuration, which I have not touched.

then when I press reset and save I get this.

sorry to hijack the thread, just answering skissor.

edited 2nd image to show item bar on bottom of screen

also notice that from the game load where I have NEVER touched the keyboard configuration, to reset and save, the mortars changed hotkeys.  Also my f9 f10 keys changed functions.  Something is up with the keyboard configuration files.


I'm okay with the icon as-is.

You had old config data from A10 and earlier.
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