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Started by Quasarrgames, June 26, 2015, 03:50:08 PM

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So i had five colonists, then a huge raid came along and killed 3 of them (in rather stupid ways). They were really good colonists too. Now i have two not very good colonists left. Not sure if i should redo the raid or keep going. What would you do?

i dont know how to do polls...
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If they died for stupid reasons then don't feel ashamed to redo the battle again. I do it if my guys die in stupid ways.
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Because I use Prepare Carefully I'm even more attached to my colonists than most, so my answer is just reload and try again.
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It depends on your playstyle. You could try to push on anyway.

Cassandra should go easier on you for awhile if you've taken heavy losses.


You're playing solitaire. Save Scum to your hearts content.
Just dont try to claim for awesomeness, and claim that it was done without cheating when you have. Cause thats bull shitty.


If loading a saved game is considered cheating, then by all means cheat to win.
It's your colony, play it however you want.
What's with all the judgment around here?
Last I checked this game has no scoring system.


Its as as much cheating, as moving none king cards to blank spaces, or looking under all the cards that will be revealed to decide which valid card to move. (Like two columns have a a red seven, and you peak under both one to see which is the better move.)


Honestly, I've never thought to cheat at solitaire. Strange.
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I reload all the time. It is not cheating, it is learning. would this option have worked better, yes no? No way to know without reloading and trying again.

Wow what just happened, save, reload a day before save, and see what happened.

And who cares but you, if you saved, reloaded, saved reloaded.... it is your game, play it for your enjoyment.


just load up the save...nobody will judge you for that we all done it...its just a game
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Save Scumming best answer always relevant.
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When and if you are proficient enough at the game, try a no Savescam game.
No Load games give much more satisfaction after you manage to overcome heavy losses.
Paradox games without loading are intense, if any1 here tried that. (CK2, EU4 etc)


By all means, just reload the game if you really don't want to lose your colonists. To each his own playstyle. Anybody who comes about to blast you for it are basically just blowing hot air to the wind. This is a single player game after all and you are free to play it however you want. If you were playing a MP game and gaining an unfair advantage over other players, then yes, the gaming community would not be as kind to you.