Radioactive cells

Started by Illusion Distort, June 29, 2015, 04:54:30 AM

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Illusion Distort

Hello, i am working on a uranium radiation mod, i want uranium to affect the cell it is located in. The cell's "radiation" is determined by the amount of uranium and the amount of time the uranium has been located in that cell. The cell's radiation slowly wears of, perhaps 10 times longer that it takes for the radiation to bundle up. Then the pawns will get toxic-buildup based on the radiation of their position.

Q: How do i give the cells more parameters, do i have to override the cell class?

Thoughts, tips, objections?


There is no cell class.

Make a MapComponent containing a FloatGrid that stores the current radiation in each cell. Have the MapComponent do the radiation effects/dissipation each tick.
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