Suggestion: Manual Dumb Trait Change

Started by palandus, December 11, 2013, 01:00:22 AM

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Make it so that people with Manual Dumb can clean and fight fires (normally its just fight fires). Since cleaning levels no skills and only makes the environment look better for morale purposes, I think it would make sense to allow cleaning, if they can firefight. Ones normally with Manual Dumb are usually useless to the colony except in VERY specific circumstances. I'm looking at you Nobles and Assassins. It would make it so that they at least do something semi-useful for the colony AND clean up blood splotches and not show up as constantly not busy.


Well, it's not really about importance or usefulness, it's that they usually consider it below themselves. I doubt an Assassin or a Noble would do any cleaning or manual labour. For firefighting, when your colony is on fire and you have a chance of dying, you'd probably pitch in too.


on the other hand: "i'll die, but won't haul stuff"  ???


I find them useful enough:
I drop them in prison, and execute them.
All the colonist are now in good mental health.


The only use for Nobles is to be sold imo, everyone else can do what they can.
Assasins should do something more except firefighting more, compared to Marines they cost 2x, don't work for few more points.
Marines are very accurate anyway because of their skills and you can lvl them up on animals/enemies/shooting range pretty fast.


The alternative would be to make these specialists level up their skills FASTER than other characters with the same skills. So, an Assassin would level up Shooting and Melee at say twice the speed of any other colonist, and a Noble would level up Social at say twice the speed of any other colonist. THEN these specialists could be seen as highly valued for their specialist roles. Particularly as I've seen some Entrepreneurs with higher Social than Nobles (and still able to do whatever) and I've seen some Marines/Brawlers with higher Shooting/Melee than Assassins (and still able to do whatever).