Started by securitycop, April 28, 2014, 12:07:31 AM

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ok one thing im sure most have had to deal with is this problem .
I would like to see a better notification system that tells you why colonist are having mental breaks...( seeing dead bodies , food or sleep )
to help manage the colony better

and u guys are doing a good job on the game honestly but you forgot one BASIC fundamental thing....
WATER u can survive  longer with out food vs. no water , put a spring pond in with a pump in or something like that please just don't turn it into a sims babysitting game

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Well were currently working on a mod that will add water and steam to make power, But yeah why u no add water Tynan?! :P
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Welcome to the forums securitycop. I was going to link up some water discussions, you can add to or just read up to see what's been discussed: General Questions about Water, and Water as a semi-rare resource. There is of course more..just type "water" into the search.

There are also some mods introducing it, so look through the mods to find them. finished mods, and here are mods under development Under Development.
Happy hunting. ;)