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Started by Rikiki, July 26, 2015, 08:14:29 AM

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I quite like mining turret's efficiency depending on being manned or not. You could make it also mine much slower without a stable power grid connection, using small built-in solar generator instead, which doesn't provide quite enough power for 100% speed. So for full profit it should be both operated and powered, but otherwise it d still do its job, albeit at a much slower rate.


Or a buildin RTG or other power source ?
Hell no.
Basicly i don't see a reason why the Laser drill should work without power.
It is a Energy drilling system, you can't operate with raw pawn power.

And i even think, since it is a very useful/special thing to create/fill geysire holes, the drilling progress should be lost if the device run out of power.


Are we talking about same thing here? I am talking about a Mining Turret. So please specify whats it got to do with geysers? Drilling new geysers is the thing you should go "hell no!" about.

FYI i was posting opinion on this post:
Quote from: Rikiki on November 09, 2018, 01:35:19 PM
This is hardcoded I am affraid. But the mining speed is really low when unpowered.
Is the construction cost not high enough? I felt that the research requirements were limiting enough and laying cables a bit too boring just for it to work.
I may add a modOption to disable it.

Would a turret only working when either manned or powered be better? I am open for suggestions. :)
Not the last one.


My mistake i read Laser drill before, and though about another mod with a "Laser Drill" to create geothermical holes.
Didn't notice he refer about the mining turret.


Creating new geysers is kinda too powerful imo, which is something coming from a madman, who uses Rimatomics, to flood his grid (greed) with limitless powah. I do agree though, that if i ever used such a building, that makes geysers, making it work without any power would feel even more ridiculous.


I cant build the alert speaker on a smoothed wall


Quote from: Sparkie on November 22, 2018, 12:37:09 PM
I cant build the alert speaker on a smoothed wall
That is corrected, thanks for the report. :) Updated mod.


@Madman666 and @Canute: Thanks for your comments. Manning is already taken into account to compute drill efficiency. ;)
I think that I will restore the "full power requirement".
Internal batteries is not intuitive for such big industrial equipment. ::)




Quote from: Jan2607 on December 07, 2018, 11:31:38 AM
@ Rikiki: Any news about the spaceship mod?
I am currently working on it. It may be ready in about a week or two.


So, i patched powerfist a bit
- now it crushes large targets on place. (look at The Surge game)
- added fast piston attack (credit to avenger`s iron man-hulk beatdown:P )
- updated description to match its power to throw stuff around without recoil
- added equip delay and slowdown to match its heaviness and fact it has to be equipped on arm, leg and torso to effectively neutralize recoil
- requires gas operation to research now before it, trivial components, chemfuel and less stuff to craft(i will incorporate its functional into exoskeleton from EPOE, an advanced powerfist :P )
- now it can be crafted from different materials
- its quite a weapon now and i would actually say its worth every unit of silver paid for it

link to download and source

i will modify other mods when  i will lay my hands on them
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First off, thank you for updating the Spaceship mod!

Second, have you considered using those amazing ships as a much better and safer troop assault carrier?



Quote from: Ruisuki on April 23, 2019, 10:47:44 PM
miss spotlight turret

Spotlight Turret 1.0 is under the name Projector on the github(the changelog mentions the rename, but the thread hasn't been updated to reflect it.) Thought it wasn't updated for a minute until I read the thread again.