What's up with all the charge rifles and sniper rifles ?

Started by b0rsuk, July 28, 2015, 11:47:44 AM

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Yeah, I always favor moderate damage, high accuracy weapons. I value consistency above all, so I'd rather see half damage all of the time than full damage some of the time. I also agree the assault rifle sits in a really nice spot.


It's actually really great that there are different answers to this question for different reasons, there should not be a best choice weapon that is optimal for all situations.

Wolfen Waffle

I kind of feel that all guns need a buff, its kind of weird that one of the best strategies in the game is to bumrush down an open field and stab them with your shivs...

I struggle morso against the primitives than the raiders, which shouldn't be the case imo


That has never been my experience (a gang of dudes with assault rifles generally crushes all primitive raiders) but again it's great that there are different answers to this question, it tells me vanilla weapon balance is pretty OK.