[A12d] IFL Lighting - Incandescent, Fluorescent, and LED Lighting

Started by Howeln, October 25, 2015, 04:03:54 PM

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About: I've done a lot of simple mods since the beginning, as this one, first time to share.

This creates a research path and availability of semi-realistic/Rimworld balanced introduction of Incandescent, Fluorescent, and LED lighting.


Simple mods to existing core game lamp and sunlamp - i.e. same graphics and mostly the same function, but altered values and added research. - so it should be fairly compatible - I usually run 30 mods of the most popular, and have not found a conflict.

Sunlamp power consumption change seems correctly balanced, though steam generators really should put out more power if the sunlamp is 1600W....i.e. 2 sunlamps per generator, really?  Anyway, I didn't touch the generator.  I did do a bit a research to compare grow lights (and reg lighting) in inc, fluor, led.  So, in comparing all 6 real world heat generation, lighting, power consumption, then compared to Rimworld heaters, coolers, lamps, and sunlamps, I think I came out with balanced lighting - color of light is slightly different between them, barely noticeable.

Basically, Fluorescent are 1/3 power of Incandescent, and LED are 1/6 of Incandescent.  Incandescent generate heat, this will add up in a heatwave or a hotter climate, but negligible otherwise - Inc is half a heater per sunlamp, and a 20th for lamps.

Some game balancing characteristics:

First off, research is a bear.  I did this intentionally, as one either goes for generators, or lighting first as they are about the same in research.  I think it balances well, and have a few play through to see it work as intended.  LED research is about twice that of Fluorescent, and have to have Fluorescent first.

Fluorescent/LED generate more visible light, but in real life the grow lights have less range/have to be moved more freq.  To emulate this, reg light is larger, and I made the grow coverage 80% of incandescent (std Rimworld Sunlamp), I made the guide circle match the actual coverage - basically a 9x9 square.  50% would be more real life, but seemed way too small, and lots of smaller lights seemed to much micromanagement.

Cost to build: Inc are the same, but the other two require silver....LED some other material(s).  People may hate this, but it makes LED....VERY expensive to build, if you have to buy materials - I suffered through this on one play through.  So I find I'm slow to add LED...unless I get lucky with cargo pods or a vein.  First time I played this mode, a researcher of 14 joined my colony, and had rich veins near my base....needless to say, LED everywhere that time, haven't been that lucky since.

LED will not explode in the rain, and not flammable.


Should work with most, unless they change the lamps of course.  Nothing special here, except the change in values and research.

There are no colored LED lighting...attempted, but I had issues with color showing up after LED research and no color research...I started to look into...then scraped it, as I don't use colored lights anyway.

Licencing:  All I ask is the authorship/credit be there if you add the mod to yours, since the mod is mostly adding realistic values.

If I drop off and don't update with new releases of Rimworld - assuming a good chunk of time has based, I have  no issues with someone updating and posting, and leaving me some credit in authorship/link to this thread - I notice some threads were people have fits that someone is stealing others work after the person drops off for months and someone updates to the latest Rimworld.  So I mention it here...as I don't play every revision, as life gets in the way  :-)


I hope people enjoy this.  I know there are other lighting modes, but I like this because of the balancing, and didn't see that in others.


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No, but the pictures would not help, no new graphics.  I think the only week point being the images are the same for standing lamps and sunlamps, though the description is different.