How to deal with clothing wear and tear?

Started by PyschoPath, August 09, 2015, 06:16:51 PM

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Just want to know how to deal with it, since i can't get my colonists to have good clothes lots of the time, they mostly have poor <50% everything.


Start a clothing industry. Cotton is great for cheap mass production since the textile yields are large and reliable, though leather and devilstrand make for nicer clothes. Grow or hunt for leather and textiles, build a tailor's bench, make sure one of you colonists has the tailor job enabled and add some clothing making bills to the tailor bench.


In the early game there is not much you can do about it. However, once you have a cotton farm and a pawn you can spare to use as a tailor, you can find a solution. First, set outfit min quality to 45 or so. That way pawns will discard clothing that will start to give them the mood debuff. You can set it lower if recourses are tight. Then, set your tailor bench to produce untill stock is 2 of all the basic clothes, such as a shirt, pants etc. once this is set up, your pawns will discard worn clothing, and try to keep a few sets of new cloths on hand. You can build an incinerator to burn the excess clothing, or try to sell it for a few pennies. Hope this helps.

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Actually this atm is a critical issue for me. The inability to repair items. When you are able to make a decent shirt from step 1 : cotton plant, you would think you could fix damage to it. Oh, there is a tiny hole in it. Throw it out! Esp in a situation in wich resources are precious like being stranded as a crash survivor, waste like that seems ... beyond silly. Long story short, in my subjective opinion the absolutely critical ability to REPAIR items is missing, and should be added as fast as possible (like i said, my subjective opinion) although this lack has actually made me stop playing this game..... (i can be OCD about things) Have a nice day!


Thanks, gonna try these methods right now


there is a mod called mending (and a modder has even updated it to 11b+) that allows pawns to REPAIR clothing and weapons that are not under pawn contact


One thing people didn't mentioned that is fairly important and perhaps not that obvious for the new rimmer; keep your clothes, captured or otherwise, under a roof or they will decay fairly quickly. I have just started having my main stockpile & beacon indoors to stop wear and tear.


Helpful raiders will often more then happily supply you with new and fresh clothes, though i suggest doing laundry first to remove blood stains


Also remember to chop up the friendly raiders for some warm jackets and nice hats!-Buffalo Bill
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Soooo .... To repair stuff, a basic function in like, allmost all games.... we have to install a mod? I hope this is just a temp fix.


Honestly i'm not exactly sure why anyone is having a problem with tattered clothing.  Most of my colonies do not really even bother making clothes because you can get more then enough decent clothing off of raiders.

imo I don't really want to see clothing repair in game.  It would likely be adding more hassle then what it is worth, and since deterioration affects the value of items it would allow the clothes that are on raiders to become worth more then they really should be.


I kind of agree with Menuhin.  Repairing clothing/etc would cost too much in the way of time and resources to be of much benefit.  And it would clutter up the jobs system.

Personally, I'd love the ability to deconstruct weapons/armor/clothing into base materials, with the amount you get back dependent on the % left and on the pawn's skill (Crafting?).


Quote from: milon on August 13, 2015, 02:51:43 PM
Personally, I'd love the ability to deconstruct weapons/armor/clothing into base materials, with the amount you get back dependent on the % left and on the pawn's skill (Crafting?).

Don't forget you can already smelt down weapons (including stone and wood) into their materials with an electric smelter.
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There is a mod that implements a mending station that mends damage to items including clothing (it does not yet take resources to do so though).

If you're not against modding the game look into it.


or in other methods... go to overview->outfits->select outfit->anything->modify the bar of durability and quality of clothing.

set it to 50% durability (or health) and any normal or good and above quality, and poof done your colonists will find something around that parameter if any available.

and build tailoring and create hat/shirt/pant/jacket with a quota (do until you have X), and sell the rest (even the worn-out clothing).

p/s: just make sure you have a cotton/devilstrand farm on-going.