[A15] AstroTec Labs: Off-world Mining [UPDATED v5.0 - Oct 2016]

Started by Pandora, August 16, 2015, 02:23:56 PM

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Latest Version: 5.0b
All other versions rescinded.

AstroTec Wiki:Ops Manual

This mod allows off-world asteroid mining by adding new research, workstations and items. The purpose of this new equipment is to turn meteorites, asteroids and nebula gases into usable resources.

Mod Contents:

  • 15 new Research Projects.
  • 3 new Workstations.
  • 1 new generator.
  • 7 new Items.

New Research:
AstroTec Labs have developed 15 new research fields. Each unlock either further research or equipment. The AstroTec Wiki goes into more detail about each research project, these include:

  • Astrometric Studies.
  • Interstellar Exploration.
  • Interstellar Communication.
  • Remote Asteroid Mining.
  • Interstellar Geology.
  • Subspace Networks.
  • +9 More

New Workstations:

  • AstroTec Console: Crafting.
  • AstroTec Beacon: ARC Communication
  • AstroTec Micro-Refinery: Refining precious metal and recycling apparel.

New Equipment:

  • MkII Command Module.
  • AstroChassis.
  • AstroMiner.
  • AstroCrate
  • M2-9 Canisters



  • Fixed compatibility with certain mods.

  • Updated to Alpha 15c.
  • Added required Tech level - Industrial.
  • Added required Research Bench - Hi-tech.
  • Added components to Workbench recipes.
  • Added components to Command Module recipe.
  • Added Bio Generator - similar to the Fueled Generator but offing more Watts and capacity.
  • Changed BioFuel recipe.
  • Added 2 new Research projects.
  • Added new 2 recipes.
  • Removed "Sell Biofuel" recipe.
  • Removed "Trade M2-9".

  • Added Biofuel & Biogas; both can be sold for silver.
  • Added Biofuel research.
  • Added Biofuel research.

  • Updated from Alpha 8 to Alpha 11.
  • Added/ Changed minimum skill requirements.
  • Added/ Changed skill gain.

  • Removed Demiweave/Plant.
  • Removed "Outdoor pursuits".
  • Moved Ops Manual & Appendices to Ops Manual.
  • Added ARC trading.
  • Expanded research fields to 12.
  • Altered production costs.
  • Workstations are craft-able with Metallic "Stuff".
  • Added Nebula harvesting & M2-9 Canisters.
  • Recycling Clothes now gives Cloth, Hyperweave & Synthread. (Amounts subject to future change.)

  • Recycling via Advanced Recycling research (recycle AstroMiner debris into Plasteel).
  • Craft Hyperweave & Synthread by combining cloth with Demiweave.
  • Demi Plant & Demiweave: A new plant used in the crafting of Hyperweave and Synthread.
  • Recycle Clothes: Turn shirts, pants and jackets into usable cloth.
  • Outdoor pursuits: A simple campfire & cooking pot used to cook simple stew and hearty stew.
  • Appendix 1 & 2 (included in the download) explain the changes in more detail.

The mod is designed for mid to late game. Research will take time and patience; you will need to put time and effort into obtaining the new workstations. Unlocking advanced-tech is not a quick process and the research tree reflects this.

This mod doesn't overwrite any core files and should play nice with other mods.



Future Updates:
This mod will be updated as and when the main Alpha version is updated. I may release optional add-ons in-between updates.

Permission must be gained before adding this mod to modpacks or forum posts. You may edit the .xml files for personal use. All rights reserved.


Thanks for the reminder that this mod exists.

I'll give it a shot when I next get some free time.


I finally had some free time to update it. As ever, I'm looking for feedback/ ideas.



Interesting mod, but my colonist don't look to gain xp for crating chassi, command module, etc. (Might just be me, I just started using the mod)


um i cant open crates at the refinry they have a Au and Fe in front of the bill????????????????????????


Quote from: pigman999999999 on August 30, 2015, 10:24:26 AM
um i cant open crates at the refinry they have a Au and Fe in front of the bill????????????????????????

You simply need 5 crate, Au is for gold, Fe is for Steal


Where does the work stations appear in? Like, what tab? Production?


I was wondering if there are plans to update this to a13?

The mod seems compatible when loading, however when building the workbenches they don't auto connect to the powergrid. However connecting it manually - by building an extra conduit to connect straight to the workbench - makes the graphics crash and the savegame becomes unplayable. (Permadeath savegame)
In a regular savegame the autosave before connecting still works.

I also use quite a few other mods, but i believe this is the only one causing crashes currently.


Mod will be updated to Alpha 14 and released on the workshop. I'll also continue to use Nexus.


Woot! I'm glad to hear this, Pandora!!! I'll be looking for it.