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  • September 19, 2020, 12:24:18 PM
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Author Topic: [A11d] [MODPACK-PATCHS] TheGentlmen's Hardcore SK Global Patches (15/08/21)  (Read 2499 times)


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I pressent...
Tools For The Job has been very bugs in 1.12... I can't prioritize mining... or anything, colonists will only do Mining & Mining only... EVEN if their a 4 in mining but a 1 in everything else in the pirorites screen... They will not do joy activities... ext.

Now until Tools For The Jobs becomes more bug-free I have made this patch disabling it.

Drag everything into your 'mods' folder.
Run ClearIt.bat or If you don't trust me and think its a virus, do it manually.
Delete ClearIt.bat

Clearit.bat goes into your your 'Core_Sk/Assemblies' and delete's ToolsForJobs.dll

For Mods About Clearit.bat:

Still don't trust me?

Right Click on Clearit.bat & select Edit OR open Clearit.bat with your favourite text editor (I prefer Notepad++)

Check that it says:

Code: [Select]
cd Core_SK/Assemblies
del ToolsForJobs.dll

Want to know what it does?

cd means change directory... so if you put it on your mods it will look for the folders 'Core_SK/Assemblies' then go into them.
del means delete file in current directory... so by saying 'del ToolsForJobs.dll' it delete's the file called 'ToolsForJobs.dll' in the current directory (which we just set to 'Core_SK/Assemblies')




Overkill much?  8)

Welcome to Tuff Luck Patch V5... this update we make it compatible with 1.12, make raids/Zombie stuff/Man hunters unable to happen before 20(or 10... don't remember) Days and other stuff(Sorry... this is actually an older version which I was hesitant to release... then lost the changelog for...).

We also add medieval stuff, And make Info & Security researches take a long while...

Drag everything in the 'tuff luck' folder into your 'mods' folder & overwrite whats neccesary. Put your ModsConfig in your '%AppData%\..\LocalLow\Ludeon Studios\RimWorld\Config' folder... simple.

  • Bigger, Bader & more common raids*
  • General Torchure*
  • Everything good is less common*
  • Lots of bad stuff!*
  • PAIN & DEATH!*
  • Plus my art skills... don't worry its only 2 pictures!
  • Harsher Map conditions now has its own events... Extreme heatwave, Extreme Volcanic Winter & Extreme Cold Snap... They are 4x less likely then their normal counterpart.
  • Every fraction your enemy.
  • Animals more aggressive.
  • Change price of temperature buildings.
  • Kindling can now be made out of planks & bamboo
  • 10(or was it 20) day grace period...
  • Security & Info reasearch take a while... Now you can spend more time deighning your base...
  • Medieval weapons, defenses, Armour & factions...
  • Other stuff which I lost the changelog too.

*Recommend/Must use my custom storyteller for full effect.



Good Luck... Or should I say Tuff Luck... 8)

Patches for:
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A made another anti-tool version. Without red errors and with removing tools from mapgenerators.


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There was a silent  patch which fixed the errors: