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Started by valkyrie, August 21, 2015, 08:56:55 PM

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So as useral im building my base up and making my defences and building my lovely walls but i always leave a little gap to funnel them in and it would be considered my gate.

Is there anyway we could get a gatehouse or gate structure tab entity. like your pawns can walk through it either like the auto doors or it can be manually opened and closed. but when enemy pawns raid instead of just finding the nearest wall to bust in or right for the auto door could it be a variable 1-3 block sized door that can take an increased battering, enemy raiders will focus on attacking it, but the defenders can like stand behind it and shoot. like maybe firing slits or something. just to give it more use than an over glorified door.

then as another structure you can put in a gatehouse block. which you connect the door between. these themselves are essentually a set of posts that hold of the gate itself. but they have a firing slit (ontop) or infront of so that pawns can attack through it. like manning the walls. it just gives your people a chance to get a few shots off before they breach the gate. i love to be able to retreat behind my walls but since there is no firing ports in doors or anything they would just batter down the door and flood in, the defenders would be ready but id like a few pot shots off first before they flood in and overwhelm me.

dunno what you guys think and i know there are mods out their but many mods get left behind through the updates. and i love the whole storylines behind Rimworld and films that make me think of the game. First thing i would do is get my defences up in the case of a crash landing. and you would always want a gate house or some sort of fortified entrance. dunno guess its human instincts. walls are lovely and snug but a guardable hidey hole with shooting room is even more snug.

guard towers was another idea i would like. they are built in a square that a pawn can stand on. it wouldnt require a level system. it would simply mean that the pawn standing in it would gain a cover bonus but the ability that his shot would just fire over the wall. it would provide no range bonus. because then all you would do is shove a sniper up on there and instant map coverage. its more the fact you can use advantage of the walls cover to block pawns, but ofcourse the pawns could shoot back at the tower but it would give the occupant the same as a sandbag in coverage. but at the same time there is a chance the shot would just hit the wall. the watch tower could also have a small light on the front that moves side to side in a small arc. that would require power.

i dunno thought these would be a nice idea

keep up the good work tynan love the game


Pretty sure walls with shooting slits are already a mod, but the idea you have is quite OP, as really, you could gun down the raiders as they tried to break the doors, and have someone repairing it.
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Not really since the slits are both way firing. its mainly to stop the pawns simply rushing right through unhindered. and the raiders can shoot and throw stuff at the gate. Hardly OP considering 9 times out of 10 your overwhelmed and if you read i said there was mods for slits already but its always outdated with updates and something official would be great.

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Was thinkin about towers of some sort the other night too. Think it has to do with the fact that protecting walls is much more of a chore now like you mentioned. Least it would be a way to counter wall huggers without actually running around your massive base only to find they've already broke through anyways. So yes I think some sorta counter that's more fun than running around  your base walls playing chase the AI all day does need to be looked into. +1 I guess you could always mort your own base walls haha..... doesn't sound too productive though

Although the towers may just end up being death traps in the end cuzz it's not like they stop enemy bullets(just give them sandbag defensive stats). Ether way I'd still use them.

Think Zombie2 is talking about embrasures which btw are very much OP in every mod I've used that had them. But they don't need to be, if the AI knew better than to run up and punch them instead of shooting through them like they should lolz.  Love the idea of embrasures that really are fun but also remain strategic and challenging to position and use properly. No clue how you'd pull that off though. I guess you could always argue that sandbags are the only way to have a balanced firing position sense the AI can pass through and shoot through them still.
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