Dodges in melee fight & misses

Started by zenfur, August 23, 2015, 11:11:28 AM

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I bet it was suggested few times, but probably with bigger changes around. I'd suggest two separate simple things:

1) show MISS when melee attack misses similar to HEADSHOT indication
2) add dodge chance which is calculated when attack didn't miss (enough accuracy). Dodge chance should depend on:

  • non-linear function (for example square root) of someone's movement speed, which would be very significant if someone is impaired (for example because he has injured legs), and exceedingly less significant the faster someone moves - to avoid dodging gods
  • melee skill of both fighters - when enemy's skill is much higher chance to dodge should be close to 0.

Do not allow dodging more than 2 attacks per your melee attack cooldown.

And of course, display DODGED when this happens.
These changes should make melee fighters more engaging and should reward skilled melee fighters with avoiding (currently unavoidable) return damage.

Uh, and probably berserking pawns shouldn't be able to dodge at all.

What do you think? Numbers, functions and chances should be carefully tweaked. I don't want to do this before I know that you like the idea :)
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