How did you find out about Rimworld? Now a poll.

Started by Toggle, August 23, 2015, 03:38:50 PM

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How did you find out about Rimworld?

133 (59.9%)
Real-life word of mouth (friends/family/etc)
16 (7.2%)
Forum/Reddit post
23 (10.4%)
Gaming website (review/news/blog)
18 (8.1%)
Kickstarter (directly, not externally linked)
29 (13.1%)
Internet search (Something like 'games like Dwarf Fortress' or 'sci fi colony sim')
28 (12.6%)
Other (comment on how you found out)
7 (3.2%)

Total Members Voted: 222


I found the game from watching Sips play it on youtube.


Yogscast Sips did a short series about the game, I was instantly in love with the story telling he did.


A friend of mine told me about the game back in February.

Now RimWorld is my most streamed and probably also played game of 2015. :D


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As I said in the first thread, and this poll verifies it, it's crazy how many people watch other people play video games on youtube. I would much rather play a game as opposed to some guy talking about it as he plays it and watch that lol. I always laugh when I see my son doing it, and I guess I am old or not in the right generation for it as it bores the heck out of me after watching a few minutes(only 29 though lol). To each his own I suppose, as I just youtube to learn things in games/in real life such as tutorial videos on occasion.
Yet people watch sports on TV and have no desire to go play it themselves.
The former is entertainment, the latter is recreation. Playing a game is recreation, but sometimes we just want to be entertained. Not every game will entertain every person - they have to like the game, kind of know what's going on, and have a decent host/player. There's Youtube of course, but Twitch adds a whole new level by allowing direct and immediate interaction with the streamer, often a richer experience than you'd get playing by yourself.

The funny thing about that is I do not watch sports either, because I want to go play, so I don't think that statement is entirely true lol. I used to play football and my father is a hardcore football watcher, and anytime I see him watching it I tend to go in the other room as I get reminded of my good old days and want to play again lol.

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Seems I was wrong, it was One F Jef. And wow if you wanna see what RW looked like back in pre-alpha... here's your chance haha. Parental advisory zerp zzzerp..... yeah he doesn't give a fk so you've been warned about the potty mouth. It's not that bad though:) This dudes the one that got me into watching lets plays... You know everyone has the one person that they relate to that nabs em. This was mine :P
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"Curious.... How many credit hours does it take tell you can make a comment like that without laughing uncontrollably at yourself?"


For me it was watching WeaselZone on YouTube. After watching him get several colonies killed off with what I thought were stupid mistakes, I bought the game... And proceeded to run long line of colonies into the ground with "stupid mistakes".

Heh, that'll teach me for thinking I can do better :P

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Bits & bobs: All open source so sell it to Adolf for a new pair of sneaks if you like.
"Curious.... How many credit hours does it take tell you can make a comment like that without laughing uncontrollably at yourself?"


I seriously cannot remeber but i think it was internet search...


Internet search for me and I wasn't even looking for this game - or game like it - but rather was looking up reference work for a model I was working on.


I found the game from a fellow Youtuber "OfficialStuffPlus" and since then have found numerous people that follow the link under my RimWorld YouTube videos.

"Spreading the good word!"  :D
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I cant remember where exactly but I think it was a forum post.  I loved the game and got a friend of mine playing it as well. 



I came across Rimworld while I was searching for a colony management-type game.
The game looked to be quite pretty and deep at the time, so i decided to give it a shot and see if it was what I was looking for.

Sadly since the game was in Early-Access and it had no Demo available, I looked up for a version online to torrent or download, and find it I did.
I had some fun with it and once I saw that Patches were coming in monthly and vastly improving the game, I quickly gathered a few bucks and gave Tynan some well deserved bling. XD

Keep up the great work!


I came across it in steam forums for prison architect, some time last year. 
It was a discussion on the art style and assets in use early on.. I thought it was worth trying, so bought it, although haven't played it much until recently when I decided to try the ultimate overhaul mod.. and now I'm hooked.