[MOD Request] Grasslands / Open Plains Biome

Started by Loki88, August 23, 2015, 10:42:55 PM

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How hard is it to add a new biome to the map gen? It only just occurred to me now but there is no grasslands / open plains biome. I'm hoping someone will be able to make this or at least point me in a direction as I don't have a clue on how to add a biome. At most I can add objects currently, so I'm not sure if this would require a .dll to make or if it can be done with .xml only. I'm hoping for the latter as I will be able to do it once I know how. If it's the former then I'm kinda screwed...

Anyway, thank you in advance!


I searched through the Defs but couldn't really find anything solid for making your own biomes with just XML coding. But if you'd really like grasslands I've overwritten the Temperate Forest and it's at least something!

(Also be warned, I've not updated from Alpha 11 so this MIGHT work but I won't guarantee it. If you want to do it yourself just look in the BiomeDefs)

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Thank you very much for making that :) I will try it after my current run and keep looking for how to implement this if I can.