[A12] Balanced Storm Sounds v1.0.3 (30 Aug 2015)

Started by Lex124, August 30, 2015, 12:46:56 PM

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Balanced Storm Sounds

A simple mod to reduce the volume of wind and thunder during storm events.
Initially made for a streamer because the storms drowned out her voice.


To install, simply extract the contents of the rar file into the RimWorld mods directory.  If you have a previous version installed, please remove that version first.

This mod may not be compatible with any mods that modify the World_Sustainers_Ambiences.xml sounds def file.


v1.0.4 - Removed all unaltered sounds from the xml file to improve compatibility.

Credit to Marnador for the lovely RimWorld Font used in the mod picture.
If you wish to use this in a modpack you are free to do so, just give credit where credit is due.
All are welcome to alter this mod or combine it with their own.

Please report any bugs or give suggestions for improvements. There are always improvements!

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will probably use this as the wind sounds are too loud if you zoom out a lot, thanks :)