[0.12.914] Says "no usable food" but pawn is carrying a bunch

Started by Bohb Daishi, August 31, 2015, 03:14:50 AM

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Bohb Daishi

This pawn is my trainer (level 14), but he won't train. Says no available food? Won't let me train any creatures, including puppies, elephants, and wargs.

I only have meat and hops in my food storage. Maybe that's why?

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think it uses 3 food to train. he doesnt have 3 of anything.
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I've had similar issue lately, where with Rikki's shrooms mod my colonists would grab all the shrooms in their pockets and would refuse to eat it. I saw in their gear over 250 shrooms of both kind. This has never occured to me in previous version. I suspect it has to do something with the training mechanics.
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Bohb Daishi

Even though it requires 3 of the same, I'd still say that's a bug because of the sheer amount of food he's carrying.