[A12]The small things in life(art request)

Started by chaotix14, September 12, 2015, 10:40:14 AM

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I've been working a touch on my first mod. Nothing special, nothing grand. Just a small mod that adds a couple extra options beyond the sometimes hard to acquire chocolate(I've had quite a few unlucky rolls in terms of what traders come around) and the bane of teetotalers and production managers called beer.

Anyways, the mods should be mechanically working and can be used just fine, however it still requires art. Which is something that's kind of beyond me.

Update: Added something I've had to fiddle with for a bit. I've added a drink that boosts the immune system, however working with heavy machinery or driving is not advised while under the effects of this drink. It's my counterpart to the medical drinks mod(which as far as I'm aware hasn't been updated yet), it might give a heavier debuff than that mod used to but I'm not sure and besides if the situation is horrible enough you want to use these drinks you probably should put them in bed anyways. ;)
Also I've added a version indication to the file, which I should have done from the get go.
Now I'm off to wondering if it's at all possible to make disease specific cures.(which was my actual goal and not the generic increase blood filtration)

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Things, thing the thing in the thingy thing thing

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Abomination Imagination


Hmmm... Nice idea, small mod can turn big later on, so don't underestimate your idea
By the way, can I integrate this into my mod?

All inherited mods can have   as its license