[MOD Repair Request] Hobo Stove

Started by Loki88, September 20, 2015, 12:37:49 PM

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This is an old abandoned mod called Hobo Stove from back in A8, I tried my best to update the .xml files and have hopefully got it right (maybe)

I was hoping that someone with programming skills could update the .dll file because I still lack .dll skills :(

I miss this mod very much as it's the closest thing to a wood stove heating / cooking mod that there is.

Ps: I would ask Julia Directly but she seems to be taking a break from modding (dies a little inside)  <=== if this is not true then I'm sorry for my misinformation.

I'll attach my attempted fix below, If I garbled something up please let me know!

[attachment deleted due to age]

FMJ Penguin

Do sorta miss that mod.....

Although, it's likely been superseded by the "grill". Can't remember which mod the grill is part of though off the top of my head.
Bits & bobs: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/buuxpswcu9rzh3o/AABlRN4f2E4UNfDY8a_RoA6Ea?dl=0 All open source so sell it to Adolf for a new pair of sneaks if you like.
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I'm modding something. It may or may not end at a C# barrier, a texture barrier, or something making me hate it.
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