Carried butchered meat disappears when drafting

Started by asanbr, September 27, 2015, 10:55:06 AM

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I had a colonist butcher a chicken. He was then carrying the chicken meat to the stockpile but on the way there, I drafted him to make him drop the meat on the ground, so that someone else could pick it up instead.

To my surprise, there was no meat on the ground, and when I undrafted the butcher, he was no longer carrying meat either. He went on to do some other task and the meat was gone.

Anyone else had this happen?


This sounds very similar to a bug I reported a while back (and a variation on a bug I have encountered several times since)

I am guessing that in your case the butchered meat did not disappear but was instead added to an existing stockpile somewhere on the map, since I have encountered this scenario several times and I have regularly found myself asking "where the hell did those <insert carried items> end up now?" while playing. On one occasion the stockpile the items were added to wasn't even on the screen, and so took some time to locate them. I have also noticed that if the colonist is in a doorway when they are drafted, then the chances of the bug occurring certainly seem to be increased.


check your character's gear tab, I'll find human meat randomly as i place it closest to sleeping areas so that it'll be used to tame and train animals as treat. Colonists will pickup food items after waking or eating to be used later on in the day.
(hope that the animals don't realize that trainer would taste the same :P )
Yes another god damn youtuber.


I think it's the same issue as the one mentioned by Calahan.