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Started by CrazyEyes, October 09, 2015, 01:46:40 PM

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Hi, first post.  Picked up the game a week or so ago and I've been reading the forums lately.

Anyway, I think the game could really benefit from a set of Orders that would forbid or unforbid everything in the designated area, much like hauling or plant cutting.

Right now the main thing I don't like about raids isn't the number of enemies, which isn't really all that threatening - it's all the manual clicking I have to do afterwards to unforbid all the weapons, food, medicine and bodies so that my colonists will haul it off the battlefield and put it to use.

I know that you can double-click an item to select all items of the same type on your screen, but this isn't always enough, especially in the case of weapons with a wide variety of types.  It would save a lot of time if we could just drag a box around everything and have it unforbidden automatically.

To a lesser extent, this would also help clean up after idiot colonists wandering around in a daze stripping off everything they own.
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A few alphas ago there was a mod that unforbid everything in the home zone. It might be worth it to hunt for it and see if somebody could revive it.