Cheat mods?

Started by fason, October 11, 2015, 04:51:57 AM

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I want to have some pure fun with cheats like infinite health, resources, etc.

Does a mod like this exist?


you could just allow god mode thats available via options:P
Yes another god damn youtuber.



If you press go into Options, from the main menu or in-game menu, there's an option kind of on the bottom right to enable 'Dev mode', developer mode. This allows you to click buttons at the top right of the screen, which let's you do essentially EVERYTHING. There won't be infinite health or stuff like that, but you can change xml files (Such as for x event to never happen) and use the stuff in there to do anything.
Selling broken colonist souls for two thousand gold. Accepting cash or credit.


One of those extra dev mode menus is a series of check boxes. On the far left about 2/3rds of the way up you should se "enable player damage" or something along those lines. Not just the " enable damage" one as that includes ALL damage. By disabling the player damage one your colonists won't take any damage, neither will your tamed critters so you won't be able to slaughter them FYI. They can still starve to death, get hypothermia, heatstroke, etc. They won't burn though, even if they're on fire!


I gave myself a super rare trait (commonality 0.01) called Mako-Infusion, which was inspired by my first random generation in 12d being a blond emo hair kid with relatively awesome abilities (i believe it was "too smart" + "sanguine" + something for speed), so I named him Cloud. Sadly this random generated character died through cannibal crazed comrades, but I then moved to mods, and thanks to 'careful preparation', I could give me this super trait at start, which included combinations of sanguine, increased working and walking speed, global learning multiplier, immunity gain (that is new to traits), better hit chances in melee and ranged + otherwise unobtainable reduced aiming time - probably the most precious update.
Also gave him a vancidium heroic sword, but that is no cheat. At least if you don't consider mods cheats by default.