Cleaning Zones

Started by MeowRailroad, October 22, 2015, 05:31:18 PM

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This could be similar to Snow Clearing Zones where colonists automatically clean in these zones, this would prevent dirt, blood, and dust from accumulating so much as it does often.
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This is like being in a remote fishing town in Libera and asking, "Why can't I just pay one of the fishermen $10 to take me back to Los Angeles?"


QuoteNow, when you set a home zone, you generally want it so your colonists repair and put out fire in the area. But, this also allows your colonists to clean this area. This is fine most of the time, but when you have a geothermal generator out on the edges of the map, and you have a power cable running into your base, it can be very annoying when your colonists waste all their sleep time walking back from cleaning one piece of rubble. To combat this, I think you should have a cleaning area (like a snow clear area) in which your colonists clean. For example, you could set your colonists to clean out the animal area, but forget about their hay stockpile so they focus firstly on their room, then add in the hay stockpile so they clean that last of all. Maybe, if you are one of the people that likes complexity, add in a timer, using which you could set your night shift guys to clean the dining room all ready for the morning, but not disturb the sleeping colonists by going in and cleaning their rooms. Got any feedback? Post it down below!

This is my post. Literally the exact same. About 2 months ago. Not having a go, just improving on your suggestion!
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don't need a timer, just add a priority like they clean in critical, important, preferred, normal, low order.

I want my dining room and med bay cleaned before anything else, but watching colonists work SLOWLY over there is a pain.


I'm not sure if this logic exists at all, but even without 'cleaning zones' (tho a good idea) would be a toggle option to clean 'indoor areas only'. I want my colonists stamping out fires in my fields, but don't need them tidying up out there necessarily.


i was just about to say this in my post also, but lucky i saw your topic. The cleaning zone would be so nice.
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I want my colonists stamping out fires in my fields, but don't need them tidying up out there necessarily.
+1 to this