A small suggestion for the fighting system

Started by blub01, November 21, 2015, 06:37:34 AM

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So, I am kind of annoyed by the fact that in tricky fights, you have to constantly pause the game, then unpause for a fraction of a second. So I suggest a new game speed which, basically, pauses the game every second automatically, then runs the next second after the player presses space(or any other key, really) again. basically, make combat turn-based, because when you are trying to coordinate a number of pawns, there isn't really any other way to do it.

(btw, I checked the frequent suggestions thread via ctrl+f, but I didn't bother to check more than the first page of the subforum)
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That is an interesting suggestion. One I've never thought of myself, for sure. It is def. a common issue in RtWP games that don't have a queuing system (even ones that do, due to changes in flow after queued orders).

Another, no more elegant method, would be to add a half-game-speed toggle between pause and normal speed. I just personally think it'd drive me crazy to have my game feeling like it is stuttering between normal speed and pause.



Definitely more elegant than manually pushing the button.


Something like this, or maybe even a game speed below real-time (half-speed?) definitely wouldn't go amiss.

I sometimes finding myself pausing as frequently as every time one of my colonists takes a single shot or burst, depending on how the fight is going.