New Alpha 12 Mods - Neat Package Edition

Started by Ramsis, January 17, 2016, 12:41:07 PM

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Howdy folks, as I'm sure everyone is slowly suffering from Tynan vacation syndrome I propose a new sticky thread idea that was built around a concept from the modding Slack.

Essentially what this thread is is when a modder makes a new mod they can post a link to it here as well as a short spiel or paragraph defining what the mod is. Maybe they want to bring up a huge point of the mod or define why it makes the game better, etc.

Few rules:

1. You get one post per mod. Only modders are supposed to post in this thread and any outside comments will be removed. No punishment as mistakes happen, but your post will be removed if you're not a modder supplying a link! Sorry guys!
2. Mod makers can make multiple posts but each post has to be for a brand new or different mod. So if Modder A makes Mod 1, he can only post once for Mod 1. If he makes a second mod he can make a post for that mod but this thread isn't for discussion.

Other than that this is a simple and easy answer to a few concerns people had in regards to mods getting buried and new mods never really seeing the light of day.
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A template of how a new post in this thread should look like:

Title of the mod
[Link to the mod's forum thread]
A short description of what your mod is about. Should be no longer than 1-2 sentences.


Adds a system of z-levels akin to Dwarf Fortress to the game.
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High Caliber
Adds several well balanced vanilla-like weapons, and more realistic gun sounds.


Turret Collection
Adds lots of new turrets, even tactical nuclear strike to help defending your colony.


Adds some heavy industry to the game, like concrete, deep mine, nuclear power plant etc.


Animal Manager UI Mod
Adds a new tab to the original animal window that helps to manage animals by races with auto-tame/slaughter and default zones.


Fenris, a monstrous version of the warg; tweaks the Ice Sheet biome to allow them to spawn there; and adds a variant Manhunter Pack incident to spawn them in other biomes. :


Fluffy (l2032)

Create, import and export construction blueprints - allows quick copy/paste of entire rooms at once.