An idea for Rimworld Online.

Started by Lucas N, September 29, 2021, 10:01:26 AM

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Lucas N

An idea for Rimworld Online.

Hi Ludeon Studios, today I was playing Rimworld and I had a great idea.
What if rimworld had an Online option. Since currently online games are a world fever.

(Well I don't know if it will be possible, as I'm not a programmer, just a Rimworld fan. I would like to share this idea)But as I thought. Well in a game totally giant, like rimworld, with community, commerce, wars, and difficulties generated by the game.

*starting at the beginning*

When starting, the player will have the choice of character, or the possibility to customize it. like the colonists menu when starting the game.
And in this menu, he can change his character's name, his age, appearance, personality, and even his relationships. But your abilities will only be changed in your life choices. Ex

* Childhood: used to be a carpenter: will have skill in construction

* Adult: Civil Engineer: will have construction, art and research skills.

*Joining a Server*

When creating your character, like Bob. it will go to a server menu.

And in this menu you will have information about how many players you have, what is the type of colony, ex: tribal, or space. your wealth, your name, and the faction name if you already have it. and map information, such as who the colony leader is (which I'll talk about later). It may even have a type of world ranking, in research, riches, or conquer. pretty interesting i just thought about it.

When choosing to join a server, it will come as if it were a colonist in a normal game, it will appear on the map. or if possible in a more interesting way, make a random button that will send the player on a map, and it will be like on a mission to rescue a colonist from a threat. Ex:
Bob is born in a location on the map, with 3 mechanoids, and the mission is seen by all colonies, and the server that needs colonists would take a risk to rescue the player, Bob. (It would be nice)


The world would be, the same as the original being a planet and its colonies, but colonies being all servers of people online, with a limit of 20 to 30 people. and in those colonies, there could be the possibility of trade, wars, missions, and much more.

Okay let's start with the trade, it will be server to server, being something more dynamic. Since it could have a table, or marketing menu, where it would show the caravan and colony inventory, and a chat for negotiation, being able to say in this chat, what the caravan would like to buy and sell, and if the colonia accepts the idea or will offer a specific item.
When selling, an item. there could be threats, on the way out or back, in the paths of the servers, such as missions of the game itself, or invasions by online players into the caravans, something very interesting could happen to these caravans, they could defend themselves or try to flee, or surrender to the group of online players, as well as fighting them.


I also thought, and as said in the entry of a colonist, that the missions generated in the game are not just local, but worldwide, or have a radius of reach. ex

an item quest, an amount of silver and gold, becomes available on the map. the idea is that all colonies go on this mission, and compete for this gold, good the one that arrives first takes, but if a colony arrives at the same time, he will have two choices, split the prize or fight for it, something very interesting that it would be nice to add too.


I've also been thinking about the communication console, and it being an important weapon of dynamics in this type of game, being able to have a cover between servers, and trade as well, in which one server can ask the other server, in exchange for silver, for a caravan of a specific item, a help for combat, or even offering a rescue mission to an online player who could be kidnapped by another server (looks cool) or also offering a search for a player prisoner of this colony, who fled, something look like a wanted poster. or also missions a little more peaceful, like help, in construction, planting and mining, all in exchange for silver.


Wars could be fantastic, well they would happen between two servers and with online colonists, look how cool.
it can be a normal invasion like game, with a differential that the colony leader can fight, or surrender, if he can win, he can choose, new colonists for his colony, prisoners, and they can be part of the colony, however they will have a prisoner mark, that the colony can rescue this colonist in exchange for silver, or this server can ask another server to rescue this specific colonist. (as I said before). Being something very real and interesting. Now, if the colony surrenders, the invaders will be able to choose what to take from the colony, and even the colonists from the colony itself, but not the leader of the defeated colony, as he can take as much as they can carry. And about wars, servers can only attack each other, or a server can attack a server that has the same wealth as its own, which is fair.

*server colony*

Okay about bob's vision, it might not be total with management, but focused, more on bob. to be something more interesting.

Now, on the colony map it can be managed, like a normal map, with old threats, resources, and insectoids.

your policy, it could be like this, will exist a colony leader, he will be chosen in three ways:

*Democratically: colonists choosing their leader

*The creator of the server, the first colonist.

*Or the one who will take the power of the leader, eg he can make a mutiny against the leader, and get support from the group and enter with the colonists' votes, being in a democratic way, but in a way that he will take power.

And the Leader will be able to choose what form he will lead, and if it is bad, the colonists will be able to mutiny, and elect a new leader as stated above. But if he has good leadership, he will decide what the colony will research, or what to plant, build, trade or attack. since he will not have a full view of the map but rather like any player. May not discover, the mutiny traps, and if he does he can either arrest the colonist who is promoting the mutiny or expel him from the map, he will have two choices, either try to return, or ally with an enemy colony.

*global threats*

To force alliances with even enemy servers, it would be nice to do global special missions, where everyone will be needed to help themselves so as not to be destroyed, such as an insect infestation, a mission that will destroy the insectoid's nest, or a mechanoid mission that will have to defeat a mechanoid colony, and if they don't destroy them, they would suffer attacks from these beings more often, being randomly generated in a location of the world by the game.

So what did they think, they liked the idea, well and just an idea, because I don't know how to do this in practice, but I still wanted to share my idea to see if many would like it, or if even ludeon would find a good project idea . I liked this online mode that I created in my mind, I hope Rimworld fans will also like this idea of ​​mine. And whoever wants to add new ideas, you can put that the more ideas the better it can stay.


It would be so great if RimWorld could be played with friends. Either you could build up bases and fight each other or work together against the AI. I hope it goes in this direction too or at least there's going to be multiplayer like this one day. It's such a shame that this game is only single player at the moment because if it was multiplayer I think it could become one of the most successful games of all time.
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Ludeon devs don't read this forum.
Co-op multiplayer mod exists and is under development.
RimWorld is basically a colony management game with extra elements, story generator Tynan calls it. It's good unmodded, but it's the mods that make it shine.
What you are describing is something very different. If it existed right now, I would not have the time or interest to play it. Obviously many others would. Just another online RPG.


I read that thread. I'll still share my ideas gladly and not care what happens to them. If I had the inclination or skill to be a programmer I would be but I'm content being a game player throwing ideas that would entertain me out to the universe hoping someone will get inspired and put them into reality.

I certainly wouldn't stop playing single player RimWorld if there was a multiplayer option. I'd play single player mode to try out strategies against the AI and then I'd implement them on Friday night when I play against my friend or whatever. Like imagine how cool it would be to set up a mini base on the other guy's map so you can put pressure on them. It would be far more than 'just another MMO'; it would be the ultimate real time simulation/colony builder/story generator experience. Now imagine it would have spectator mode and you could hop into a game and watch a bunch of people duking it out, seamlessly switching between maps to view the whole campaign. Yep, I'd watch Samuel Streamer, Koko and Rhadamant battle it out on Twitch and pay them bucks to see it.
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