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Started by Tynan, October 09, 2013, 12:17:07 AM

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A few more ideas related to making pawn/resource management less of a headache: A button that confines all non-drafted pawns to the home area, the ability to allow locked doors to let drafted pawns through them, and a button that toggles locks on all doors facing an "outside" environment.


Colonist traits:
- Infravision: a strange genetic mutation allows the colonist to see well in darkness. He's not bothered by darkness, too.)
- True Grit: the colonist can crawl to safety at 1/3 speed while incapacitated.

Miniguns dropped by Centipedes should always be of "normal" quality. I assume mechanoids are produced in factories.

Drafted colonists should be able to repair. I may want to repair the wall or turret from the other side, but the colonist shouldn't leave cover. If you don't want players to be able to repair stuff under fire, free repairs need to go.

When you order a colonist to "prioritize something", he should ignore his settings in Overview: work screen for that single task. As long as he's capable of doing it, he should do it without complaining he's not a hauler. I hate taking the closest colonist to haul some high priority item, or a person who fell off the sky. First I need to make sure he is a hauler, then I need to unset it or he'll stop doing his main job in favor of hauling. I don't like watching my colonist until he drops that silver in a stockpile so I can disable his hauling at that very moment. Or I really really want that door or turret to be constructed as soon as possible, but that doesn't mean that passing hunter should become a constructor.


Some ideas I've had, though I suspect these have been requested before. Not that I'm going to trawl through a 119 page topic to find out. :-X

Max stockpile amounts
Set the maximum number of the selected item(s) to be stored in a stockpile. Default to unlimited. This would allow limited numbers of certain items to be delivered to specific stockpiles.

Prioritise hauling by destination stockpile priority...
...rather than haulable item proximity to pawn, or whatever random system is used at the moment. Seriously, having a food stockpile as "Important" and everything else as "Preferred" or lower, one would expect haulers to haul any food/animal corpses first before anything else. Nooooooooooooooooooooope! Had to set the food stockpile to "Critical" before they started doing stuff in order. Pawns seems to haul items based on their proximity to them rather than where they need to go and the priority of that location. What they should do is something like "What's the highest priority stockpile? Food? Ok, are there any haulable food items on the map? Yes? Let's go get that then". Proximity to the item should only be considered if there are multiple items going to multiple stockpiles of the same priority.

Set allowed quality in stockpiles EDIT: Just read elsewhere that this is on the to-do list
Having the option to set what quality of items a stockpile can hold would add more depth to stockpile management and allow us to do things such as routing low quality items to a dumping/beacon stockpile for disposal/trade and high quality items to other areas. For example, stockpiles could be created in prisoner rooms the only allow normal or better clothing to be put in there, meaning you could easily equip your prisoner with whatever quality outfit you wanted instead of having to micromanage items into the stockpiles.

Symmetry OCD friendly structures/furniture
Nothing makes my eyelids twitch more than asymmetry in my colony rooms, so I end up looking like Blinky McBlinkalot when I've put some furniture into a room as I'll invariably end up with something asymmetrical. For example, my main 'canteen' area is a large odd-sized room (as in, 11x7 or something) so that I can put doors in the centres of the walls and arrange furniture in a nice way. Only having 2x2 or 2x4 sized tables really fucks with any hope of symmetry in this room. Similarly, I often build bedrooms at least 5x5 tiles with a single doorway in the centre of one wall and the bed opposite. This doesn't work when I use double beds as the doors are only one tile in size. Sure, I could put two doors down side-by-side, but that is both aesthetically and functionally bollocks. PLS TYNAN can we have some double doors and odd-sized furniture? A medium table should be easy to implement, what with it being halfway between the small and long tables. My twitchy eyelids would be eternally grateful.

Force jobs (via Overview) (might not be a "cheap" idea, but it can go here anyway)..
One of my recently failed colonies started with two colonists that were incapable of "Scary", which includes firefighting, and the only colonist who could firefight was a frail 68yr old fossil that had poor movement speed (40%). I'm sure you can imagine how that one ended. It gave me the idea that it would be nice if you could force a colonist to do something they would otherwise be incapable of doing, such as firefighting, accepting a heavy mood hit as a result but meaning you have another pair of hands doing something urgent (like stopping your entire colony going up in flames). It could work something like this; On overview, jobs that a colonist is incapable of doing could be highlighted in a dark red. Clicking the box puts a cross in the box and would then allow you to right-click a related job and prioritise that colonist to do that job until it is complete. Upon starting the job, the pawn would have a heavy mood debuff that lasts whilst they're doing the job. They also wouldn't learn that skill, or only learn it very slowly.

Graves built in the home zone should be defaulted to allowing only colonist bodies. Those built outside the home zone defaulted the other way and only allow non-colonist bodies (or maybe both).

Prisoner Gets Medicine
Prisoners put into medical or hospital beds should, by default, get medicine and the option should be on the bed rather than the prisoner. The number of times I've captured someone and found them to be poorly treated because I didn't select "gets medicine" on time is unreal.

I think that's it. No doubt I'll think of a few more things. :D
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Not sure if it already exist:

If you select more than one thing of the same type ( turrets, Hydroponics basins, mortars etc. ) you arent able to change their stats all together.
Its possible to turn off many turrets power, but you cant select a target with more than one mortar selected, and the crop type of Hydroponics basins. For growing a huge amount of hops indoors you have to change every basins stats seperated.

I would appreciate this change/bugfix?!
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Its really weird to hear of a colony that isn't run like Auschwitz and selling human leather for a living.


When you designate a construction, all plants in that area should be marked for cutting. This way plant cutters who are not constructors can come and help. There are characters who can cut plants but not construct. Besides, it allows to prepare the area for construction in advance, rather than in the last minute.

The same could be done to designating growing zones.


Separate Weather audio from Game audio, so that I can turn the howling wind down without having to turn everything else down as well.
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It would be good if I could change the installation for the game so I could have separate folders, one for example with some mods one with other mods and one vanilla with different install folders like one in Locallow/Save1 and Locallow/Save2, etc


Allow ranged weapons and clothing to be repaired at the smithing and tailoring benches.

I'd like to keep more weapons, but when they're significantly damaged I just sell them ASAP. Even weapons that are only moderately damaged (~70%-80%) tends to get sold since it brings in a fair bit of cash despite the damage.

Speaking of which, trading is a bit OP atm, but that's beyond the purview of "cheap ideas".


Thank you for the ongoing suggestions everyone.

Just FYI I am reading these :)
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Quote from: Monkfish on March 12, 2015, 09:50:51 AMMax stockpile amounts
Prioritise hauling by destination stockpile priority
Prisoner Gets Medicine
Prisoners put into medical or hospital beds should, by default, get medicine and the option should be on the bed rather than the prisoner. The number of times I've captured someone and found them to be poorly treated because I didn't select "gets medicine" on time is unreal.

I fully endorse these ideas.

I'd like to see, as an addition to the temperature system, simple vents. Something that would allow a heater or cooler to effect two or more distinct rooms, simply by treating them as a single room for heat purposes. There are a couple of mods that do something to this effect.

The current system for captives is lackluster, in my opinion. It's not imperative, as most prisoners are very temporary, but it would be nice to be able to have communal prison areas outside of the rooms - such as an exercise yard or a chow hall - which can be designated as prisoner accessible, so that prisoners can go outside and get rid of that -15 cabin fever malus or grab some nutrient paste from a communal dispenser. There is a mod that does this fairly well, but it seems like it should be vanilla functionality.

Modular stuff
This is another thing that mods have done quite successfully, but which I think should be a part of the game and probably could be improved and expanded upon. Tables, benches, and hydroponics tables come to mind, in particular. Solar panels could also fit. Modular construction would allow for more efficient, creative, and interesting constructions, and require fewer assets from the programmer. ex: ItchyFlea's Tables

Further down in that topic, ItchyFlea also has a tweak to the stonecutting table that seems like an obvious quick fix: Selectable stonecutting jobs.

Nutrient Paste Storage
This isn't my idea, but it is a good one in my opinion. Nutrient paste dispensers would benefit greatly as a source of emergency rations if it had a limited amount of internal paste storage, and perhaps slowly stored paste as long as it was powered and there was something in the hopper. This way, if the colony's main food source and power grid are for some reason simultaneously compromised, a short term supply of paste would be available.


Could setting prisoners to be treated with herbal medicines be accomplished? Or perhaps a filter added to the prisoner tab?
Thanks for feedback :),
I have mods now ^^


1) Shallow Trench order : pawns construct shallow soil tile, if next to water tile, dug soil tile becomes mud/shallow water tile.
> I'd love to loss the "fire = # spawn rain" event and have an active fire defense.

2) Prosthetic/Hook hand, i don't like removing an arm to fix a crippled hand.
> would need a remove hand/fist medical order.

3) developed Guilt trait. when you(warden) execute someone (prisoner) you carry that thought for life. why not have empathic/non-hunting wardens suffer if they put down a prisoner.
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Quote from: Feirfec on March 14, 2015, 10:08:25 AM
3) developed Guilt trait. when you(warden) execute someone (prisoner) you carry that thought for life. why not have empathic/non-hunting wardens suffer if they put down a prisoner.
This seems unlikely, as it's much too subjective and situational. If you watched Ellie, Sex Slave - a long time colony member and friend - get gunned down by some jerk pirate, and you decide after some time that he's a monster and you can't keep him around any longer, why the hell should you feel bad?


Quote from: Monkfish on March 12, 2015, 09:50:51 AM
Symmetry OCD friendly structures/furniture
Nothing makes my eyelids twitch more than asymmetry in my colony rooms...

+1 for OCD!  A good colony is a symmetric colony...
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A way to ransom prisoners would be cool. It might just use the old space traveler mechanics but instead the message "The Brutal Murderers want to make a deal" message appears at which point you have time to call them as a normal trader. They would trade in both their faction prisoners in your custody and your kidnapped colonist.