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Started by Tynan, October 09, 2013, 12:17:07 AM

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A 'next colonist' button.

When you pull up a colonist's skill/traits details, I'd love to be able to scroll left/right to the next/previous settler.

I frequently am looking to see who is my best miner, rifleman, etc.  It would make things more fluid if I could scroll through them all instead of tracking them down on the map.


Gate, functions exactly like a door but doesn't create a roof in a room


Quote from: doctorkill on December 13, 2013, 10:48:04 AM
Gate, functions exactly like a door but doesn't create a roof in a room

In a similar vein to that:

Fence: Functions similarly to a sandbag, but provides no cover. Can be climbed over by people (But slows them down), but not animals. Good for keeping pests out of your outdoor farms, but highly flammable.
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Suggested both Gates and Chainlink fences in my Suggestion Thread :)


Quote from: henrytm82 on December 11, 2013, 10:50:01 PM
Better descriptions or reasons for "capturing" random wanderers for recruitment would be nice. As it is, the only real option is to "arrest" them, which makes me feel like a bad guy. Like, why am I "arresting" him? What'd he do, other than wander into my line of sight? I feel like The Mayor from Walking Dead - I'm kidnapping people and then brainwashing them into staying with me, forcing them to work for me and, if need be, to kill and die for me. That feels dirty.

Dude, this was my exact thought. I actually named an oaf Merle once to embrace the evil. :v

I have a few ideas I think are that easy!

- assign batteries to devices; a battery directly adjacent to a piece of powered equipment will power ONLY that device, and only when the device is getting no other power, and not feed into the general grid. this lets you keep key equipment running longer during low-power situations without micromanaging all the on/off switches on everything

- power switches; an easy way to toggle power on and off for entire buildings or areas, this would just be a power conduit tile with an on/off function like the lights have. (I currently do this by just selling and rebuilding the same bit of cable as needed)

- a "go to home" hotkey that centers the view on your base. (Defined as the geographic center of your home area, or your food dispenser, or some such thing)


I might repeat previous suggestion, but they're cheap:

  • Research fungicides for a reduced rate of blight.
  • Research non-fear-based methods of increasing loyalty, like flags, banners, etc. Might come after carpets.
  • Research an interstellar comms beacon (or what have you), a 3x3 or 4x4 (or bigger) satellite dish that increases the rate at which trading ships visit your colony, but also, like turrets, increases the number of raiders who arrive during raids. Also draws a fair amount of power.
  • Research for a smaller turret explosion radius. ("Turret safety")
  • Research for "reinforced power conduits" that cost more but have more health (so they don't automatically get wiped out by explosions).
  • Research reinforced doors that are more expensive but have more health.
  • Research a cryptocurrency mining rig that draws a lot of power but generates money. (This one's a little bit out there.)
  • Research small wind turbines that generate power at dusk and dawn and during storms.

Raider Behavior

  • Raiders bring attack dogs (or what have you) that are faster than people and melee attack.
  • Raiders cut power lines.
  • Raiders prefer to attack at night
  • Raiders are better about not getting strung out in single file.
  • Raiders that move faster or have higher health (armor?) and are potentially slower.
  • Raiders can carry off incapacitated colonists.


  • Lower accuracy when firing at target in dark square.
  • Predatory animals that spawn in small dens (something wolf- or bear-like, but alien) that attack other animals and your colonists (or raiders) if they get too close.
  • Reduce trade value of potatoes and introduce slow-growing cash crop.
  • Some colonists like/dislike certain things more than others. (E.g. dislikes corpses a lot, likes flowers a lot)
  • Smooth stone walls that don't transmit electricity but don't cause "ugly environment" thoughts.
  • Guns with higher stun rate.
  • Make animals more attracted to crops, but add fences & gates (maybe Muffalo try to break these sometimes) to keep them out.


One thing I'd like is the ability to turn a paved floor/whatever into dirt by shoveling soil (free, but takes as long as smoothing stone, if not longer,) and the ability to selectively plant agave/raspberries/bushes/ornamental trees.
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As new art is being done how about a hat on each Rimworlder that relates to job. In that weather I would want a hat. A nice one.

Not sure if this has been mentioned (searching hat is impossible as its in too many common words)  ;D


Here are some ideas.

Adds Hp to whoever is wearing it.
Hats/Helmets, too.

Dual wield single handed weapons, (Pistol, Uzi, Grenades, ect.) Makes characters fire faster, but less accurate.

Fireproof armor
Fireproof walls
Fireproof everything

Make crops grow faster, can't travel through it though.

Applet Bush:
Another source of food.



Electrical cord extension: like power conduit, except you can place objects on top of it, and it easily short circuits when outside.
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One thing, Maybe to adding from past session that fail building, and sometimes sessions that exsite in a alternet universe of one that still going on, sounds pretty intesting


More animals - Dogs, Cows and Pigs
Farming with animals


Quote from: CodyRex123 on December 16, 2013, 08:02:31 PM
One thing, Maybe to adding from past session that fail building, and sometimes sessions that exsite in a alternet universe of one that still going on, sounds pretty intesting



a bonfire pit to burn raider bodies in. you can only dig so many graves.