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Started by Tynan, October 09, 2013, 12:17:07 AM

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@Straykiller; I simply put them in graves, put blasting charges near the graves and detonate. Destroys the corpses but not the graves. Expensive way of doing it but it works.

How about adding in more explosive weaponry?

-> Rocket launcher (dumbfire), Missile Launcher (guided or heat-seeking), Grenade Launcher, Mines (Step-Activated [step on to detonate], Spider [Mines that seek out a target on 4 legs], Trip [Mines that are attached to a surface with a laser beam]), Grenades (Cluster, Napalm, Flashbang, Bouncy, Sticky, Nuclear, or all the Above), Tactical Nuke Launcher, Firewall (Think Rise of the Triad), Drunk (Think Rise of the Triad), etc...


Part of this one will be cheap, the other part wont be, Fences, and prisoner labor, so you can have them grow food, i dont know about cleaning, cuase that would be dangerouse of they were to get a gun, and also having certain people to be allowed throe certain doors, would be nice, :D


Quote from: henrytm82 on December 11, 2013, 10:50:01 PM
Better descriptions or reasons for "capturing" random wanderers for recruitment would be nice. As it is, the only real option is to "arrest" them, which makes me feel like a bad guy. Like, why am I "arresting" him? What'd he do, other than wander into my line of sight? I feel like The Mayor from Walking Dead - I'm kidnapping people and then brainwashing them into staying with me, forcing them to work for me and, if need be, to kill and die for me. That feels dirty.

Maybe instead of just "Arrest" there could be another option - "Invite". Has basically the same effect, but you'd need an open "colonist" bed instead of a "prisoner" bed. It could be based on a character's social skill (or possibly even the pleasantness of the unclaimed bedroom?); and maybe the wanderer is extremely likely to agree if he's unarmed, out of food and low on health - suddenly someone comes by and says "hey, we'll fix you up and give you a place to live if you'll come join our little colony", and he's all "hell yes, I'm dying out here". But maybe he feels like he's in okay shape, and your guy isn't very social, and he passes and continues on his way.

Then you have options (the golden word!): Try again, maybe with another character with higher social. Let him go. Or, you the bad guy and arrest him for "trespassing" ;)

Seems easy enough to implement - all the parts are already there, you just need to make some slight modifications to the system.

Your not the bad guy, They are tresspassing on your map turf. Thats why i arrest them. :D and i think your just complaining that you dont wanna waste time recruiting, :l

Duce Williams

i think you should add some different kinds of defensive weapons.

a cannon that fires over walls, a sniper style one, a much smaller one that is very cheap but has the capabilities of a pistol.


Should be able to work prisoners while they are in jail by connecting a closed off area to thier cell that has  a manual work job inside


missed out my example it was gonna be a farming plantation or gulag


I agree with the guy who said there should be stone walls.


A firing range so that people can practice their shooting without getting killed.


after doing some test games I have to say one thing i would really like to see more easy is the psychological review of the characters.
Would it be possible to define some threshholds for values like Fear, Happiness and Loyality and summ them up in simple "smilie" icon, that appears next to a character when you hover over with the mouse or select one?

So this would give a first indication if the colonists are fine or need more attention.
stay alive - or die trying


Bring back killing animals for food. Give us more reasons to actually keep nobles and assassins instead of selling them into slavery.


Non letal weapons for defense so you can change raiders into a resource and sell them into slavery.


If Rimworld had 1280×720 and 1366×768 options, it would make recording for Youtube a lot easier. Thanks.


A way to get two flies with one stone.

make another electric generator that runs on biomass and is able to process human remains. Chuck the raiders in there and charge those batteries. No graves needed, no dumps, just a quietly humming generator that converts the biomass into electricity.


here's one: domesticated muffalo
here's another: like starcraft, if you press ctrl-number you assign whatever is selected to that number when pressed


Not sure if this has come up before, but I'd love to see a toggle button on doors that let us set them to "Remain Open". Would be really handy to have on doors you normally want to stay open, but have to base segregation when being attacked.