Your Cheapest Ideas

Started by Tynan, October 09, 2013, 12:17:07 AM

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Why do your colonists get the "mental break" so fast? i dont get it
uhm maybe add a soft chair where colonists can relax xD


water? doesnt your survivors need water? to drink? jees


Quote from: Thracian on November 24, 2013, 03:35:26 PM
water? doesnt your survivors need water? to drink? jees

Nice topic about it already
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Mine is the chepest guys !

Colonial Age Muskets !


Trap: Captures pests (Boomrats, squirrels) that walk on top of it. One-time use. Animal is added as a resource or something similar (Cages?)

Animal Mine: Costs 50 metal and one of either animal. When activated, a psychotic version springs out and attacks the nearest pawn. Maybe a variant with boomrats that kills them instantly when activated, causing a fire.
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little catarpillers who makes silk for carpets and clothes and shit xD


More carpet colors would be nice.

I'd also like the ability to lay down sand and dirt.

For that matter, it'd be really nice if it were possible to lay down some kind of artificial flooring with utterly atrocious footing.
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I haven't seen anything for this yet, but I'd like it if the ship you escaped from had a name, maybe from a list of names seperate from the trading ships that appear.

This isn't anything of the utmost importance, I just think it'd add to the immersion of the game.


i am still hoping a button on the main menu that will take me right into a new game... giving me a random storyteller and random colonists (and random whatever other options are made available in the future).... i dont even want to see the options that get picked for me


I think something to do with your "killing machines" that can't do anything else but kill, and eat food, and wander off into places that aren't convenient. so,you know recreation facilities (one that has been said before).
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While I don't know the ease of it, a method of checking travel time against nearby jobs.

It's silly to see someone walk halfway or more across the map to build one power conduit of many and go all the way back to do some other random job.


For your people to get a "Had a argument" buff that makes them get -happiness its like chatting just rarer.
more work but maybe colonist should have a relationship tracker. So some people will get into fights with others. 

Dead bodies slowly lose hp acting as the bodies rotting away


So, big idea, We need to have a way to train people in shooting and melee, perferbly shooting at least, i don't really know how long this takes but it don't sound to hard to make, i know you can like use sand bags and also rock as targets, but i would like something that kinda sound like it would fit.


Lol the topic is still smallest ideas! I dident read all 30 pages so i just post some very small thigs coming to my mind.

No exploding turrets. Breaking and burn a bit is ok to me.
No Burning metal walls. a littel bit dmg is ok but no burning.
More Hp for the walls i dont think you can shoot a metal wall into shreds with guns. (Maybe more expanisve alternativ wall with no roofig and power (same texture) but atleast more protektion)
Hidden door, enemys cant see the door aslong nobody use it. (Maybe to op)
The option to forbidding your people to use previously selected doors.
I also read diffrent carpet colors rlly good idea.


A sniper tower. Increased height allows for greater range of guns.